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Potential of Ukrainian food processing industry 



Event:                     INPRODMASH 2016

                                 25th International Trade Fair of Equipment and Technologies for Food Processing Industry

                                 UPAKOVKA 2016

                                 17th International Trade Fair of Equipment and Materials for Packing

Date:                       September 1315, 2016

Venue:                     International Exhibition Center, Kyiv

Organizer:               ACCO International Exhibition Company

With support of:      Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

                                 UKRMOLPROM, National Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine

                                 UKRMYASO, National Association of Meat and Meat Product Makers

                                 UKRKHLIBPROM, Association of Bread Baking Industry Enterprises

                                 UKRKONDPROM, Association of Confectionery Producers


sm open 5 By tradition, the All-Ukrainian Food Technology Week was held in Kyiv in early autumn. The leading trade fairs of the Ukrainian food industry INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA are its most important components.

Food industry concentrates efforts of the entire agricultural sector and creates additional value, and thus contributes to the economy development. Under current conditions, it is not enough just to produce raw materials. Our task is to gear national economy towards innovative production, development and promotion of MADE IN UKRAINE brand. Our priorities include not only the European quality standards, but also the European way of life, ideals of a healthy and balanced diet, organic production and support of local production traditions. Further development of the industry and competitiveness of domestic food products are inseparably linked to the modernization of equipment and introduction of modern technology, which, first of all, are the result of innovative research of scientists and research teams.

0017 INPRODMASH and UPAKOVKA exhibitions are a unique platform for demonstrating the best scientific achievements of domestic and global leaders in the production of technological equipment, packaging technology and materials for all sectors of food industry. This is a perfect opportunity for communication of leading experts from all around the world, search for new partners and establishment of active business contacts in order to transfer innovations.

Compared to the previous year, exhibitions gained momentum and demonstrated the revival of business activity in Ukraine. This year the event was attended by more than 120 companies from 12 countries, namely from Ukraine, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Denmark, France, Turkey, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Equipment, tools and materials for various industries: meat, dairy, fat-and-oil, fish, confectionery and bakery, grocery, canned foods, as well as a wide range of technological and auxiliary equipment for the wine industry and brewing were exhibited at INPRODMASH. Technologies for poultry and livestock farms − from slaughter lines and raw materialsprocessing systems to the final stages of meat and poultry packaging − were also demonstrated here. This year, participants also offered equipment, accessories, hygiene and sanitary articles, special clothing and maintenance services.

In addition, companies supplying raw materials, ingredients and spices for the production of various foods showcased their products here.

0014 In the last years, Holland Pavilion is represented at the exhibition. The Netherlands is the worlds 2nd largest exporter of agricultural products after the United States. Dutch entrepreneurs participating in the exhibition have extensive industry experience, and most of them are already working with Ukrainian producers. They genuinely want to help the Ukrainians increase the competitiveness of products and are eager to share their experiences at such a challenging time for Ukraine. Dutch companies showcased not only the innovative developments for vegetables, fruits and root crops processing, but also the recovered equipment that was previously in use, including refrigeration equipment.

Modern packaging technology, equipment and materials for both industrial enterprises and retail and catering companies were showcased at UPAKOVKA. Equipment for decorating packing materials, packaging and producing labels and security holograms, flexographic printing machines, as well as a wide range of designation equipment and logistic solutions, such as Buksir warehouse rectangular, were demonstrated this year.


DPP_0225 s The exhibitions featured a lot of innovations.

The real sensation was the presentation of innovative equipment for the baking and confectionery industry by R.P.S. company, namely the two-compartment machine with 3D capabilities.

Standart-PACK company demonstrated Buksirits warehouse rectangular for the first time ever. Buksir is capable of moving loads and is equipped with an orientation and movement sensor. It also offered a number of other innovations, including GasPak self-inflating package and thermo boxes made of reinforced thermoplastic.


DPP_0102-s Textile sausage casings produced by Yasiona company became an absolute novelty in the Ukrainian market. They allow increasing the shelf life of sausages. Thus, for example, cooked sausage can be stored in such a casing for up to three weeks.

Another unique specialty was disposable tableware made of corn starch, represented by RFA Ecotrade. In addition to the absolute environmental friendliness, this tableware has other advantages: it is amenable to stress freezing and does not crack at a temperature of -40 °C, and the period of its complete decomposition below ground comprises only six months.

Thus, visitors of this industry forum could get acquainted with technological innovations and budget proposals for restored equipment for all technological cycles, from raw material processing to packaged finished products.

Due to their relevance and popularity, these exhibitions are included into the list of events that take place with the support of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine. This year, industry associations and enterprises, namely Ukrkhlibprom, Ukrkondprom, Ukrmolprom, Ukrmyaso and others, were also engaged in the organization of these exhibitions.

Synergy of events

sm hleb 2 The first day of exhibitions offered an ambitious program targeted at confectioners and bakers. Ukrkhlibprom and Ukrkondprom, the National Industry Associations, organized scientific and practical conferences and summed up the results of tasting competitions held on the exhibitions eve.

Ukrmolprom, the Association of Milk Producers, gathered its members at the conference "Dairy business in volatile market conditions. Modern technologies − prospects for the industry development", and congratulated the best manufacturers on their victory in the tasting competition.

Manufacturers of meat and meat products visited the exhibitions on the second day to discuss pressing issues of the industry at the professional conference "Performance of the meat industry in modern conditions" organized by Ukrmyaso Association.

DPP_0157-s The 5th scientific and practical conference "Resource- and energy-saving technologies for the production and packaging of food products as the main components of competitiveness" was also held within the exhibitions. This conference was organized by the National University of Food Technologies of Ukraine. Conference attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with market trends, current production standards and modern equipment offers available in the market.

INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA exhibitions have once again proved their usefulness as an effective platform for professional engagement and interaction between manufacturers, technology providers and domestic experts of the food industry. Such business communication is the basis for new promising projects in Ukraine.




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