- International specialized Trade Fair of food processing industry Inprodmash in Kiev

Statistics 2006


Total exhibition area 9200 sqm
Exposition area 5382 sqm
Number of registered specialists
(incluing via Internet)

6752 people

Number of participants
- national
222 companies

156 companies
- foreign
66 companies (from Austria, Azerbaijan Republic, Belgium, Byelorussia, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland)
Position of the visitors:
Top directors
Specialist / Manager
Middle level personnel
Private entrepreneur
Dynamics of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA exhibitions growth

Number of exhibitors

2006 2005 2004 2003  
  171 107 101  
Exhibition area, sqm 9200 7566 4650 4030  



  • А.М.V. UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of functional mixes of flavouring
  • AD CONTROLS s.r.o. , Czech Republic – technical and engineering services in the field of industrial metal detecting, roentgen systems and magnetic separation.
  • ADVICE, Ukraine – raw stock, ingredients and technologies for all branches of a food-processing industry
  • AFKEM AG, Germany – chemicals : Soda Ash, Titandixode, Adipic Acid, Ferrits etc.
  • AGRO-3, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • AGROPRODUCT, Ukraine – developing and production of high-quality functional, flavor, complex additives and aromas for meat industry
  • AGRO-PROTEIN, TECHNOLOGIES, INGREDIENTS, Ukraine – distributor of ingredients for food industry
  • AGROSMAKUkraine – cellulose casings, flavourings and auxiliary preparation
  • ALFA PACK, Ukraine – producing of most difficult multilayer packing materials
  • ALNAT, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • ALPY MACHINERY, Turkey – chocolate, wafer, toffee production lines
  • AM2C, France – equipment for force-meat producing
  • AMARANT, Ukraine – thermoforming machines, flow pack machines, stretch-automatic and semi-automatic machines
  • AMMERAAL BELTECH UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of conveyer and technological belts
  • AQUA-LUX , Ukraine – boiler plants, water and wastewater treatment systems, conditioning and ventilation for different industries
  • ARI MAKINA INSAAT SAN., Turkey – equipment for meat processing
  • ARNAUD UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of modified starches из восковой кукурузы
  • AROMAROS-M, Russia – complex food additives and flavours
  • AST MASTER, Ukraine – equipment
  • ATLANTIS-PAK UKRAINE, Ukraine – food packaging for meat and cheese industry
  • AUMA, Germany – Assotiation of the German Trade Fair industry
  • AVTORIM, Ukraine – Selling of specialized literature by food and processing industry
  • AYDIN – NUR – MAK, Turkey – vertical filling machine, horizontal flowpack packing machine
  • B.F.I. SK s.r.o., Slovakia – manufacturer of extruded polyethylene and polystyrene
  • BAADER, Germany – manufacturer and supplier of advanced high quality machinery for the food processing industry
  • BALENKO Packaging Equipment Plant, Ukraine – design and manufacture of packing equipment
  • BARON S.A., Poland – producer of retortable aluminum containers and printed aluminium lids
  • BARSKY MACHINE BUILDING PLANT, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • BASIS, Ukraine – equipment for packing friable and small-piece products; technological equipment for the confectionery industry
  • BEARS, Ukraine – ingredients and innovations for food industry
  • BEGARAT VERTRIEBS – UND SERVICE GmbH, Germany – equipment for food industry
  • BELKOZIN, Ukraine – albuminous casings for sausages production
  • BERTISH-LASKA, Ukraine – equipment for food processing, packing equipment
  • BESTMONT SA, Poland – producing of frying lines
  • BETA-PAK, Turkey – thermoform and chain type thermoform machines
  • BID, Ukraine – producing of vacuum macaroni equipment
  • BINDER GMBH, Germany – packing equipment
  • BMB BLEND, Ukraine – blends for meat-processing, bakery and dairy industries, snacks production
  • BRUTTO, Ukraine – edition about the market of foodstuffs, new technologies of production, keeping, realization of products and packing
  • BUSH GmbH, Germany – manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors
  • BUSINESS DOSYE, Ukraine – business reference books
  • CAMOZZI-PNEVMATIC-SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine – pneumatic equipment
  • CARALESSUkraine – soft cheeses processing machinery
  • CFS UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for processing of meat, poultry, fish and seafood
  • CHRONOS RICHARDSON , Germany – machines for handling bulk materials, such as flour, grain, animal feed etc.
  • COMPANY TEHNO, Ukraine – packing materials
  • CORAZZA S.p.A ., Italy – plants for packaging of cheese, butter and soup cubes
  • CRYOVAC SEALED AIR Ltd, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials for packing
  • CSC-AUTOMATION, Ukraine – individual components for automations in different industrial brunches
  • DALGAKIRAN BASINCLI HAVA MAKINALARI, Ukraine – piston type and rotary screw type compressor equipment
  • DEE INTRA, Ukraine – producing of vacuum and thermocontractable bags
  • DMH MASCHINENHANDEL GmbH , Germany – confectionery production and packaging lines
  • DOR CHEMICALS Ltd, Israel – biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films
  • DUCO-TECHNIK, Ukraine – climatic equipment for mature and drying of smoked sausages
  • ECI Ltd (USA), Ukraine – technological and packaging equipment for food and inedible industry
  • ECOMEC Ltd, Belgium – production & packaging equipment for confectionery industry
  • EIGENMANN & VERONELLI S.P.A., Italy – production and distribution of emulsifiers and stabilizers, mixtures for dairy, ice-cream, bakery and ready meal
  • ELO PACK, Ukraine – producing of packaging equipment
  • EMF LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK-ANLAGENBAU GmbH , Germany – Machines, equipment, production lines for "turnkey" food processing industry
  • EPK TEKNIKA, Ukraine – producer and distributor of the packing machines and materials
  • EURO CLASS TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – equipment and technologies for vegetables and fruits processing
  • EUROSMAZKI, Ukraine – lubricants, including for food industry
  • FIAC, Ukraine – air compressors sale
  • FOOD & DRINKS, Ukraine – magazine for specialists in the field of food, package, equipment production and food trade
  • FOOD PLANT, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • FOODSERVISE DV, Ukraine – food additives
  • FOREST, Ukraine – food additives for meat-processing industry
  • FORTEXGROUP, Ukraine – non-corrosive locking-and-regulating and pipeline valves
  • GEFEST-HOLDING, Ukraine – functional mixtures and aromatic compositions for meat processing industry
  • GERA, Ukraine – polygraphist facility
  • GLOBAL EXPO, Russia – exhibition activities
  • GLOBAL CHEM UKRAINE, Ukraine – chemical detergents and disinfectants for the food and processing industries
  • GPS ULRICH REISACHER , Germany – new and used machines with a broad range of food technology and packing systems
  • GRES S.A., Ukraine – equipment for confectionery producing
  • HARCHOVYK, Ukraine – newspaper for the food industry specialists
  • HASSIA-REDATRON GmbH, Germany – vertical operating F/F/S-machines and complete lines for the production of bags
  • IBCS, Ukraine – the business portal in 7 languages
  • IGIS, Ukraine – collagen casings , equipment for meat processing industry
  • ILAPAK, Switzerland – automatic flexible film packaging machines and lines
  • ILLIG MASCHINENBAU GmbH & Co. KG , Germany – thermoforming and packaging machines
  • IMEX-AGRO, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing
  • INOVA GmbH, Ukraine – packaging, labelling, processing and other types of equipment
  • INTEGRA EUROPE, Germany – supports enterprises of the medium business in opening new markets in developing regions
  • INTEKNA Ltd., Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • INTERMASH, Ukraine – equipment for dosage and packing of granulated, paste-like and liquid products
  • INTERMIK Food Technology, Ukraine – machines and transmitter materials for the meat processing industry
  • IN-TIME, Ukraine – convenient and obtainable service in loads route delivery throughout the Ukraine
  • INVENSYS SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o., Poland – supplies the food, dairy, beverage and healthcare industries with innovative products, process solutions and support services
  • ION MOS LTD, Romania – blends of spices and additives for meat products
  • ITAK, Ukraine – producer of packaging
  • ITAL PARTNER GROUP, Ukraine – products made of stainless steel
  • ІТОUkraine – solenoid valves for different fluids and gases
  • ITO-KIEV, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • KABO-SPICERY, Ukraine – комбинированные специи and добавки for мясных and колбасных изделий
  • KARAVAN, Ukraine – producer of blends for meat processing industry
  • KARL SCHNELL, Germany – equipment for industrial meat processing
  • KENTAVR, Ukraine – at-processing objects and equipment supplies
  • KHLEBOPEKARSKOYE I KONDITERSKOYE DELO, Ukraine – specialized magazine for technologists and an administration of the bakery and confectionery industries
  • KOMPO, Ukraine – clipsators, vacuum syringes, batchers, loaders
  • KOVCHEG& Co, Ukraine – ingredients and additives for meat-processing, dairy, fat-and-oil and confectionary industries
  • KRIGER Ltd., Ukraine – bakery equipment
  • KYIVPRODMASH FACTORY, Ukraine – equipment for bakery and confectionery industries
  • LA MINERVA ®, Italy – develops and manufactures machines for meat and food processing and the packaging catering industry
  • LAGARDE , France – equipment and technologies for sterilization, pasteurization, cooking
  • LIKOM, Ukraine – polymer products produce and trade
  • LINCO FOOD SYSTEM A/S , Denmark – equipment for chicken industry
  • LINDE GAS UKRAINE, Ukraine – production and sales of gases and gas mixtures
  • LITO, Ukraine – sale of a natural casing, of artificial capsule
  • LOGRUS, Ukraine – filling line for dairy products , autoclaves and sterilizers
  • LOHMANN, Germany – specialty minerals based on Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc compounds for the nutrition, dietary supplement, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries
  • LYDIYA, Ukraine – machines and the automated lines
  • MAGIYA SMAKU, Ukraine – wide assortment of flavouring -aromatic mixes, functional additives, aromatizers, mixes of natural spices, etc
  • MAGNAT, Ukraine – equipment for bottling, bottles flowing
  • MARKO PACK, Ukraine – advertising and information agency
  • MATIMEX-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • MEAT BUSINESS®, Ukraine – scientific practice magazine for meat industry experts
  • MEAT INDUSTRY, Ukraine – magazine
  • MEAT SERVICE, Ukraine – monthly periodical issue
  • MILAM, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • MILEX-L, Ukraine – smoking and curing bags
  • MOGUNTIA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – spice blends, compounds for food and meat industry
  • MOLOCHNOYE DELO, Ukraine – the only professional issue in Ukraine about technologies of dairying processing and equipment
  • MTS-EXPO, Ukraine – processing equipment
  • MULTIVAC ТМ, Ukraine – equipment for vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging
  • MYASNOE DELO, Ukraine – t he only professional issue in Ukraine about technologies of meat processing and equipment, etc.
  • N&N NADRATOWSKI, Poland – mixers , column feeders
  • NADIYA, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • NALO BROK, Ukraine – sausage casings
  • NESSE-UKRAINE, Ukraine – food additions and spicery
  • NICHROME – NHM, Ukraine – packaging and technological equipment used by dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • NIKA-GRAND, Ukraine – sausage casings and ingredients for meat industry
  • NISSEI ASB GmbH, Germany – machines and molds for making preforms and containers of different shape and volume
  • NORBERT SCHALLER GESMBH, Austria – equipment and technology for the meat, poultry, fish and cheese processing industry
  • NOZAR BAGIRSAQ, Azerbaijan – producing of casings
  • OKANT-UKRAINE, Ukraine – lines for "hand made" ravioli production and vareniks
  • OMAG S.R.L., Ukraine – producing of packing equipment for food industry
  • OMEGA FOOD TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – ingredients for food industry
  • OMELA-PACK, Ukraine – packaging machinery and equipment
  • OPT PAK, Ukraine – packing materials and machines
  • PAKRA GmbH , Germany – meat processing equipment and packaging machines
  • PANINI S.r.l ., Italy – producer of equipment for food industry
  • PEK-MONT, Z.O.T.P.R-P, Poland – machi nes and equipment for meat and fish-processing industries and for battery-farms
  • PENTOPAK, Ukraine – polyamide sausage casing and shrink bags
  • PETRUZALEK, Ukraine – packing machines
  • PFRANGER FLEISCHEREITECHNIK, Germany – machines and equipment for meat processing
  • PHOTONIKA, Ukraine – measuring equipment and automation facilities
  • PIM-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing
  • PLATTENHARDT + WIRTH GmbH, Germany – planning and establishment of refrigerating chambers, cold-storage depots
  • PLUS Ltd, Ukraine – packaging, electrical insulating and energy saving materials
  • POLIMASH, Ukraine – PET-bottles blowing equipment
  • POLTAVAMASH, Ukraine – poultry processing lines
  • POLYMERKOM, Ukraine – regranulate polypropylene, polystyrene, etc.
  • POLY-PACK, Ukraine – manufacturers of polyamide thermo- shrinkable casings
  • PRODUCTS AND INGREDIENTS®, Ukraine – scientific practice magazine
  • PRODUKTY PITANIA, Ukraine – full color issue dedicated to the market of food products, technological equipment and concomitant goods
  • PROMIMPEX-XXI, Ukraine – spicery-and-aromatic blends and complex additions
  • PROTEIN PRODUCT, Ukraine – food ingredients
  • PROTRADE Ltd, Ukraine – motion control products and systems
  • PROXIMA GmbH, Ukraine – equipment for sausages manufacturing
  • PT. TECHNO MAS , Indonesia – producing of food equipment
  • RAPS UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling of spicery, ingredients, functional preparations
  • REDUKTOR, Ukraine – reducers, motor-reducing, gears, variators, motor-variators-reductors and drives
  • REIFENHAUSER GmbH & Co. KG MASCHINENFABRIK, Germany – extruders for producing thermoforming sheets, blown, cast and breathing films, nonwoven materials and for coating
  • REIMOTEC Gmbh , Germany – lines for production of monofilaments and strapping PP and PET tapes
  • RINVIK, Ukraine – producing of cutters
  • ROMILLENA, Ukraine – sausage collagen, fibrous, polymer casings
  • ROTTE GROUP, Hungary – building of refrigerating hangars, industrial refrigerators, logistic centres, thematic consultation
  • RUPAS-PACK, Ukraine – confectionary, baking and wrapping equipment
  • S.T.M.-Ukraine, Ukraine – ge arboxes, geared motors, electric motors and conveyor components
  • SERVICE-PACK, Ukraine – equipment for packing of friable products
  • SIB, Ukraine – equipment assembling, projecting and design works, after-sales service
  • SILENCE, Ukraine – meat-processing equipment
  • SIRYK, Ukraine – reducers
  • SITI-GROUP, Ukraine – reduction gears, variators, utility for conveyer systems
  • SMAKOVITA, Ukraine – food additives
  • SORDI FLOW S.r.l ., Italy – complete installations and equipment for milk, fruit juices, wine, honey, eggs, yoghurt and cheese production
  • SOVIT Sp. z.o.o., Poland – food supplements
  • SPICE-OPT, Ukraine – natural spicery and additives for food industry
  • SPT-CITRON, Ukraine – food ingredients for meat, milk and confectionery industry
  • STAR-UKRAINE, Ukraine – natural casings, collagenous, cellulose casings
  • STEPHAN MACHINERY GmbH & Co , Germany – food processing machines and food processing lines for food production process
  • STUDIOPACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – alufoil food containers, aluminium foil and special packing equipment
  • SUEDPACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – bags production for vacuum packaging and MAP from multilayer barrier films SUEDPACK
  • SUPERPAK COMPANY, Ukraine – producer of paper bags
  • SURP STAN-KOMPLEKT, Ukraine – metalworking equipment, pumping equipment for all brunches of producing industry
  • SV ALTERA, Ukraine – complex solutions in the field of automation for packing, food, processing and other industry brunches
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland – equipment for food industry
  • SVIT OBOLONOK, Ukraine – sausage casings selling
  • SYSTEM TRADE GmbH, Germany – slaughtering technology
  • SYSTEMGROUP, Ukraine – producer of industry equipment
  • TANDEM-SERVICE, Ukraine – food additives
  • TAURAS-FENIX, Ukraine – equipment for prepacking and packing of liquid, paste, dry products
  • TECHINSERV, Ukraine – producing of equipment for meat processing
  • TECHNIK, Ukraine – drying cabinets for vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • TECHNOIMPORT, Ukraine – producing of PET-preformes, blow machines
  • TECHNOLOGIYA PLUS Ukraine – producing of flavouring compositions, clips
  • TECHNOLOGIYA-BIZNES, Ukraine – packaging and special technological equipment for food, chemical-pharmaceutical, veterinary industry
  • TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – goods for packaging of sausage
  • TECHNOPROD, Ukraine – sausages casings
  • TECHNOPRODSERVICE, Ukraine – delivery, installation, guarantee, servicing of equipment
  • TECHNO-VEREST, Ukraine – producing of different kinds of steel-construction
  • TEHNOLOG, Ukraine – producing of equipment for food industry
  • TETRA-OTICH, Ukraine – equipment for milk processing, producing of butter and combined oil, etc.
  • TFQ, ENGINEERING GROUP, Ukraine – equipment for macaroni production
  • TOKOM SPF, Ukraine – automatic and semi-automatic machines for bulk material packaging
  • TOP CAN S.r.l ., Italy – engineering and know-out for complete packaging lines for the preserved food industry
  • UKRAGROCONSULT, Ukraine – all information on agriculture and food-processing industry
  • UKRAINE CASING TRADE, Ukraine – natural casing for sausage production
  • UPAKOVKA, Ukraine – specialized equipment
  • VAN DAM MACHINE BV, Netherlands – manufacturing of printing systems for cups, lids, tubs and pails
  • VAN MEER CIKOLATA SANAYI VE DIS TIKARET A.S., Turkey – packing equipment for confectionary industry
  • VEDA, Ukraine – producer of technical equipment
  • VERITEK TP, Ukraine – producer of bandaging and sewing materials
  • VERMEE, Germany – filling and packaging technology for the packaging
  • VI-VA-LTD, Ukraine – equipment for flavouring industry
  • VTR, Ukraine – functional additives and flavouring blends
  • VVK, Ukraine – reducers
  • YELIT TRADE, Ukraine – natural casings
  • ZALTECH GmbH INTERNATIONAL, Austria – spice mixtures for the food industry
  • ZOLOTOY FENIKS, Ukraine – producer of flavouring and aromatic food additions 




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