Statistics 2006


Total exhibition area 9200 sqm
Exposition area 5382 sqm
Number of registered specialists
(incluing via Internet)

6752 people

Number of participants
- national
222 companies

156 companies
- foreign
66 companies (from Austria, Azerbaijan Republic, Belgium, Byelorussia, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, USA, Turkey, Hungary, France, Czech Republic, Switzerland)
Position of the visitors:
Top directors
Specialist / Manager
Middle level personnel
Private entrepreneur
Dynamics of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA exhibitions growth

Number of exhibitors

2006 2005 2004 2003  
  171 107 101  
Exhibition area, sqm 9200 7566 4650 4030  



  • А.М.V. UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of functional mixes of flavouring
  • AD CONTROLS s.r.o. , Czech Republic – technical and engineering services in the field of industrial metal detecting, roentgen systems and magnetic separation.
  • ADVICE, Ukraine – raw stock, ingredients and technologies for all branches of a food-processing industry
  • AFKEM AG, Germany – chemicals : Soda Ash, Titandixode, Adipic Acid, Ferrits etc.
  • AGRO-3, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • AGROPRODUCT, Ukraine – developing and production of high-quality functional, flavor, complex additives and aromas for meat industry
  • AGRO-PROTEIN, TECHNOLOGIES, INGREDIENTS, Ukraine – distributor of ingredients for food industry
  • AGROSMAKUkraine – cellulose casings, flavourings and auxiliary preparation
  • ALFA PACK, Ukraine – producing of most difficult multilayer packing materials
  • ALNAT, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • ALPY MACHINERY, Turkey – chocolate, wafer, toffee production lines
  • AM2C, France – equipment for force-meat producing
  • AMARANT, Ukraine – thermoforming machines, flow pack machines, stretch-automatic and semi-automatic machines
  • AMMERAAL BELTECH UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of conveyer and technological belts
  • AQUA-LUX , Ukraine – boiler plants, water and wastewater treatment systems, conditioning and ventilation for different industries
  • ARI MAKINA INSAAT SAN., Turkey – equipment for meat processing
  • ARNAUD UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of modified starches из восковой кукурузы
  • AROMAROS-M, Russia – complex food additives and flavours
  • AST MASTER, Ukraine – equipment
  • ATLANTIS-PAK UKRAINE, Ukraine – food packaging for meat and cheese industry
  • AUMA, Germany – Assotiation of the German Trade Fair industry
  • AVTORIM, Ukraine – Selling of specialized literature by food and processing industry
  • AYDIN – NUR – MAK, Turkey – vertical filling machine, horizontal flowpack packing machine
  • B.F.I. SK s.r.o., Slovakia – manufacturer of extruded polyethylene and polystyrene
  • BAADER, Germany – manufacturer and supplier of advanced high quality machinery for the food processing industry
  • BALENKO Packaging Equipment Plant, Ukraine – design and manufacture of packing equipment
  • BARON S.A., Poland – producer of retortable aluminum containers and printed aluminium lids
  • BARSKY MACHINE BUILDING PLANT, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • BASIS, Ukraine – equipment for packing friable and small-piece products; technological equipment for the confectionery industry
  • BEARS, Ukraine – ingredients and innovations for food industry
  • BEGARAT VERTRIEBS – UND SERVICE GmbH, Germany – equipment for food industry
  • BELKOZIN, Ukraine – albuminous casings for sausages production
  • BERTISH-LASKA, Ukraine – equipment for food processing, packing equipment
  • BESTMONT SA, Poland – producing of frying lines
  • BETA-PAK, Turkey – thermoform and chain type thermoform machines
  • BID, Ukraine – producing of vacuum macaroni equipment
  • BINDER GMBH, Germany – packing equipment
  • BMB BLEND, Ukraine – blends for meat-processing, bakery and dairy industries, snacks production
  • BRUTTO, Ukraine – edition about the market of foodstuffs, new technologies of production, keeping, realization of products and packing
  • BUSH GmbH, Germany – manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors
  • BUSINESS DOSYE, Ukraine – business reference books
  • CAMOZZI-PNEVMATIC-SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine – pneumatic equipment
  • CARALESSUkraine – soft cheeses processing machinery
  • CFS UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for processing of meat, poultry, fish and seafood
  • CHRONOS RICHARDSON , Germany – machines for handling bulk materials, such as flour, grain, animal feed etc.
  • COMPANY TEHNO, Ukraine – packing materials
  • CORAZZA S.p.A ., Italy – plants for packaging of cheese, butter and soup cubes
  • CRYOVAC SEALED AIR Ltd, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials for packing
  • CSC-AUTOMATION, Ukraine – individual components for automations in different industrial brunches
  • DALGAKIRAN BASINCLI HAVA MAKINALARI, Ukraine – piston type and rotary screw type compressor equipment
  • DEE INTRA, Ukraine – producing of vacuum and thermocontractable bags
  • DMH MASCHINENHANDEL GmbH , Germany – confectionery production and packaging lines
  • DOR CHEMICALS Ltd, Israel – biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films
  • DUCO-TECHNIK, Ukraine – climatic equipment for mature and drying of smoked sausages
  • ECI Ltd (USA), Ukraine – technological and packaging equipment for food and inedible industry
  • ECOMEC Ltd, Belgium – production & packaging equipment for confectionery industry
  • EIGENMANN & VERONELLI S.P.A., Italy – production and distribution of emulsifiers and stabilizers, mixtures for dairy, ice-cream, bakery and ready meal
  • ELO PACK, Ukraine – producing of packaging equipment
  • EMF LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK-ANLAGENBAU GmbH , Germany – Machines, equipment, production lines for "turnkey" food processing industry
  • EPK TEKNIKA, Ukraine – producer and distributor of the packing machines and materials
  • EURO CLASS TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – equipment and technologies for vegetables and fruits processing
  • EUROSMAZKI, Ukraine – lubricants, including for food industry
  • FIAC, Ukraine – air compressors sale
  • FOOD & DRINKS, Ukraine – magazine for specialists in the field of food, package, equipment production and food trade
  • FOOD PLANT, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • FOODSERVISE DV, Ukraine – food additives
  • FOREST, Ukraine – food additives for meat-processing industry
  • FORTEXGROUP, Ukraine – non-corrosive locking-and-regulating and pipeline valves
  • GEFEST-HOLDING, Ukraine – functional mixtures and aromatic compositions for meat processing industry
  • GERA, Ukraine – polygraphist facility
  • GLOBAL EXPO, Russia – exhibition activities
  • GLOBAL CHEM UKRAINE, Ukraine – chemical detergents and disinfectants for the food and processing industries
  • GPS ULRICH REISACHER , Germany – new and used machines with a broad range of food technology and packing systems
  • GRES S.A., Ukraine – equipment for confectionery producing
  • HARCHOVYK, Ukraine – newspaper for the food industry specialists
  • HASSIA-REDATRON GmbH, Germany – vertical operating F/F/S-machines and complete lines for the production of bags
  • IBCS, Ukraine – the business portal in 7 languages
  • IGIS, Ukraine – collagen casings , equipment for meat processing industry
  • ILAPAK, Switzerland – automatic flexible film packaging machines and lines
  • ILLIG MASCHINENBAU GmbH & Co. KG , Germany – thermoforming and packaging machines
  • IMEX-AGRO, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing
  • INOVA GmbH, Ukraine – packaging, labelling, processing and other types of equipment
  • INTEGRA EUROPE, Germany – supports enterprises of the medium business in opening new markets in developing regions
  • INTEKNA Ltd., Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • INTERMASH, Ukraine – equipment for dosage and packing of granulated, paste-like and liquid products
  • INTERMIK Food Technology, Ukraine – machines and transmitter materials for the meat processing industry
  • IN-TIME, Ukraine – convenient and obtainable service in loads route delivery throughout the Ukraine
  • INVENSYS SYSTEMS Sp. z o.o., Poland – supplies the food, dairy, beverage and healthcare industries with innovative products, process solutions and support services
  • ION MOS LTD, Romania – blends of spices and additives for meat products
  • ITAK, Ukraine – producer of packaging
  • ITAL PARTNER GROUP, Ukraine – products made of stainless steel
  • ІТОUkraine – solenoid valves for different fluids and gases
  • ITO-KIEV, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • KABO-SPICERY, Ukraine – комбинированные специи and добавки for мясных and колбасных изделий
  • KARAVAN, Ukraine – producer of blends for meat processing industry
  • KARL SCHNELL, Germany – equipment for industrial meat processing
  • KENTAVR, Ukraine – at-processing objects and equipment supplies
  • KHLEBOPEKARSKOYE I KONDITERSKOYE DELO, Ukraine – specialized magazine for technologists and an administration of the bakery and confectionery industries
  • KOMPO, Ukraine – clipsators, vacuum syringes, batchers, loaders
  • KOVCHEG& Co, Ukraine – ingredients and additives for meat-processing, dairy, fat-and-oil and confectionary industries
  • KRIGER Ltd., Ukraine – bakery equipment
  • KYIVPRODMASH FACTORY, Ukraine – equipment for bakery and confectionery industries
  • LA MINERVA ®, Italy – develops and manufactures machines for meat and food processing and the packaging catering industry
  • LAGARDE , France – equipment and technologies for sterilization, pasteurization, cooking
  • LIKOM, Ukraine – polymer products produce and trade
  • LINCO FOOD SYSTEM A/S , Denmark – equipment for chicken industry
  • LINDE GAS UKRAINE, Ukraine – production and sales of gases and gas mixtures
  • LITO, Ukraine – sale of a natural casing, of artificial capsule
  • LOGRUS, Ukraine – filling line for dairy products , autoclaves and sterilizers
  • LOHMANN, Germany – specialty minerals based on Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc compounds for the nutrition, dietary supplement, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries
  • LYDIYA, Ukraine – machines and the automated lines
  • MAGIYA SMAKU, Ukraine – wide assortment of flavouring -aromatic mixes, functional additives, aromatizers, mixes of natural spices, etc
  • MAGNAT, Ukraine – equipment for bottling, bottles flowing
  • MARKO PACK, Ukraine – advertising and information agency
  • MATIMEX-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • MEAT BUSINESS®, Ukraine – scientific practice magazine for meat industry experts
  • MEAT INDUSTRY, Ukraine – magazine
  • MEAT SERVICE, Ukraine – monthly periodical issue
  • MILAM, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • MILEX-L, Ukraine – smoking and curing bags
  • MOGUNTIA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – spice blends, compounds for food and meat industry
  • MOLOCHNOYE DELO, Ukraine – the only professional issue in Ukraine about technologies of dairying processing and equipment
  • MTS-EXPO, Ukraine – processing equipment
  • MULTIVAC ТМ, Ukraine – equipment for vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging
  • MYASNOE DELO, Ukraine – t he only professional issue in Ukraine about technologies of meat processing and equipment, etc.
  • N&N NADRATOWSKI, Poland – mixers , column feeders
  • NADIYA, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • NALO BROK, Ukraine – sausage casings
  • NESSE-UKRAINE, Ukraine – food additions and spicery
  • NICHROME – NHM, Ukraine – packaging and technological equipment used by dairy, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • NIKA-GRAND, Ukraine – sausage casings and ingredients for meat industry
  • NISSEI ASB GmbH, Germany – machines and molds for making preforms and containers of different shape and volume
  • NORBERT SCHALLER GESMBH, Austria – equipment and technology for the meat, poultry, fish and cheese processing industry
  • NOZAR BAGIRSAQ, Azerbaijan – producing of casings
  • OKANT-UKRAINE, Ukraine – lines for "hand made" ravioli production and vareniks
  • OMAG S.R.L., Ukraine – producing of packing equipment for food industry
  • OMEGA FOOD TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – ingredients for food industry
  • OMELA-PACK, Ukraine – packaging machinery and equipment
  • OPT PAK, Ukraine – packing materials and machines
  • PAKRA GmbH , Germany – meat processing equipment and packaging machines
  • PANINI S.r.l ., Italy – producer of equipment for food industry
  • PEK-MONT, Z.O.T.P.R-P, Poland – machi nes and equipment for meat and fish-processing industries and for battery-farms
  • PENTOPAK, Ukraine – polyamide sausage casing and shrink bags
  • PETRUZALEK, Ukraine – packing machines
  • PFRANGER FLEISCHEREITECHNIK, Germany – machines and equipment for meat processing
  • PHOTONIKA, Ukraine – measuring equipment and automation facilities
  • PIM-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing
  • PLATTENHARDT + WIRTH GmbH, Germany – planning and establishment of refrigerating chambers, cold-storage depots
  • PLUS Ltd, Ukraine – packaging, electrical insulating and energy saving materials
  • POLIMASH, Ukraine – PET-bottles blowing equipment
  • POLTAVAMASH, Ukraine – poultry processing lines
  • POLYMERKOM, Ukraine – regranulate polypropylene, polystyrene, etc.
  • POLY-PACK, Ukraine – manufacturers of polyamide thermo- shrinkable casings
  • PRODUCTS AND INGREDIENTS®, Ukraine – scientific practice magazine
  • PRODUKTY PITANIA, Ukraine – full color issue dedicated to the market of food products, technological equipment and concomitant goods
  • PROMIMPEX-XXI, Ukraine – spicery-and-aromatic blends and complex additions
  • PROTEIN PRODUCT, Ukraine – food ingredients
  • PROTRADE Ltd, Ukraine – motion control products and systems
  • PROXIMA GmbH, Ukraine – equipment for sausages manufacturing
  • PT. TECHNO MAS , Indonesia – producing of food equipment
  • RAPS UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling of spicery, ingredients, functional preparations
  • REDUKTOR, Ukraine – reducers, motor-reducing, gears, variators, motor-variators-reductors and drives
  • REIFENHAUSER GmbH & Co. KG MASCHINENFABRIK, Germany – extruders for producing thermoforming sheets, blown, cast and breathing films, nonwoven materials and for coating
  • REIMOTEC Gmbh , Germany – lines for production of monofilaments and strapping PP and PET tapes
  • RINVIK, Ukraine – producing of cutters
  • ROMILLENA, Ukraine – sausage collagen, fibrous, polymer casings
  • ROTTE GROUP, Hungary – building of refrigerating hangars, industrial refrigerators, logistic centres, thematic consultation
  • RUPAS-PACK, Ukraine – confectionary, baking and wrapping equipment
  • S.T.M.-Ukraine, Ukraine – ge arboxes, geared motors, electric motors and conveyor components
  • SERVICE-PACK, Ukraine – equipment for packing of friable products
  • SIB, Ukraine – equipment assembling, projecting and design works, after-sales service
  • SILENCE, Ukraine – meat-processing equipment
  • SIRYK, Ukraine – reducers
  • SITI-GROUP, Ukraine – reduction gears, variators, utility for conveyer systems
  • SMAKOVITA, Ukraine – food additives
  • SORDI FLOW S.r.l ., Italy – complete installations and equipment for milk, fruit juices, wine, honey, eggs, yoghurt and cheese production
  • SOVIT Sp. z.o.o., Poland – food supplements
  • SPICE-OPT, Ukraine – natural spicery and additives for food industry
  • SPT-CITRON, Ukraine – food ingredients for meat, milk and confectionery industry
  • STAR-UKRAINE, Ukraine – natural casings, collagenous, cellulose casings
  • STEPHAN MACHINERY GmbH & Co , Germany – food processing machines and food processing lines for food production process
  • STUDIOPACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – alufoil food containers, aluminium foil and special packing equipment
  • SUEDPACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – bags production for vacuum packaging and MAP from multilayer barrier films SUEDPACK
  • SUPERPAK COMPANY, Ukraine – producer of paper bags
  • SURP STAN-KOMPLEKT, Ukraine – metalworking equipment, pumping equipment for all brunches of producing industry
  • SV ALTERA, Ukraine – complex solutions in the field of automation for packing, food, processing and other industry brunches
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland – equipment for food industry
  • SVIT OBOLONOK, Ukraine – sausage casings selling
  • SYSTEM TRADE GmbH, Germany – slaughtering technology
  • SYSTEMGROUP, Ukraine – producer of industry equipment
  • TANDEM-SERVICE, Ukraine – food additives
  • TAURAS-FENIX, Ukraine – equipment for prepacking and packing of liquid, paste, dry products
  • TECHINSERV, Ukraine – producing of equipment for meat processing
  • TECHNIK, Ukraine – drying cabinets for vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • TECHNOIMPORT, Ukraine – producing of PET-preformes, blow machines
  • TECHNOLOGIYA PLUS Ukraine – producing of flavouring compositions, clips
  • TECHNOLOGIYA-BIZNES, Ukraine – packaging and special technological equipment for food, chemical-pharmaceutical, veterinary industry
  • TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – goods for packaging of sausage
  • TECHNOPROD, Ukraine – sausages casings
  • TECHNOPRODSERVICE, Ukraine – delivery, installation, guarantee, servicing of equipment
  • TECHNO-VEREST, Ukraine – producing of different kinds of steel-construction
  • TEHNOLOG, Ukraine – producing of equipment for food industry
  • TETRA-OTICH, Ukraine – equipment for milk processing, producing of butter and combined oil, etc.
  • TFQ, ENGINEERING GROUP, Ukraine – equipment for macaroni production
  • TOKOM SPF, Ukraine – automatic and semi-automatic machines for bulk material packaging
  • TOP CAN S.r.l ., Italy – engineering and know-out for complete packaging lines for the preserved food industry
  • UKRAGROCONSULT, Ukraine – all information on agriculture and food-processing industry
  • UKRAINE CASING TRADE, Ukraine – natural casing for sausage production
  • UPAKOVKA, Ukraine – specialized equipment
  • VAN DAM MACHINE BV, Netherlands – manufacturing of printing systems for cups, lids, tubs and pails
  • VAN MEER CIKOLATA SANAYI VE DIS TIKARET A.S., Turkey – packing equipment for confectionary industry
  • VEDA, Ukraine – producer of technical equipment
  • VERITEK TP, Ukraine – producer of bandaging and sewing materials
  • VERMEE, Germany – filling and packaging technology for the packaging
  • VI-VA-LTD, Ukraine – equipment for flavouring industry
  • VTR, Ukraine – functional additives and flavouring blends
  • VVK, Ukraine – reducers
  • YELIT TRADE, Ukraine – natural casings
  • ZALTECH GmbH INTERNATIONAL, Austria – spice mixtures for the food industry
  • ZOLOTOY FENIKS, Ukraine – producer of flavouring and aromatic food additions 




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