Statistics 2007


Total Trade Fair area 12425 sqm
Exposition area 7015 sqm
Number of registered specialists
(incluing via Internet)

7837 visitors

Number of participants
- national
257 companies

170 companies
- foreign

87 companies (from Austria, Belgium, Belorussia, China, Czech Republic, Danmark, Finland, France, Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweeden, Switzerland, Turkey and USA)

Position of the visitors:
Top directors
Specialist / Manager
Middle level personnel
Private entrepreneur
Dynamics of INPRODMASH & UPAKOVKA Trade Fairs growth

Number of exhibitors

2007 2006 2005 2004 2003
257 222 171 107 101
Trade Fair area, sqm 12425 9200 7566 4650 4030



  • A.M.V. UKRAINE, Ukraine - flavouring mixes for meat, sausages and fish products
  • AASTED MIKROVERK APS, Denmark - equipment for confectionery industry
  • AD CONTROLS s.r.o., Czech Republic - equipment for X-ray inspection, etc.
  • AGRO PRODUCT, Ukraine - functional, flavor, complex additives and aromatizers for meat industry
  • AGRO-3, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • AGROSMAK, Ukraine - auxiliary preparations for food industry
  • AKVILINE, Ukraine – manufacturing equipment for baking, confectionery industry and packing
  • ALLTEX HANDELS UND ENGINEERING GMBH, Germany - projecting and building of meat-processing enterprises
  • ALNAT, Ukraine - producing, repair and engineering setup for meatprocessing industry
  • ALPY GIDA MAKINE SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI, Turkey - equipment for food industry
  • AM2C, France - equipment for meat industry
  • AMMERAAL BELTECH UKRAINE, Ukraine - producing of conveyer and technological bends
  • AMP ROSE, England - new and renewed processing and packing equipment for sugar and confectionery industry
  • AQUA-LUX, Ukraine – mounting of boiler-furnace equipment, water purification systems, "turnkey" building of pools, conditioning and ventilation
  • ARM-ECO, Ukraine – manufacturing equipment wholesale
  • AROMAROS-M, Russia – food flavorings
  • ART PACK LTD, Ukraine – "turnkey" supply, servicing
  • AST-MASTER, Ukraine - high- and ultra-high-pressure apparatus
  • ATLANTIS PACK UKRAINE, Ukraine - packing for meat-processing industry
  • AVTORIM, Ukraine – special literature for food and processing industry
  • BAADER GMBH + CO.KG, Germany - equipment for poultry and fish treatment    
  • BALENKO, PLANT OF PACKING EQUIPMENT, Ukraine – packing machinery
  • BANSS GERMANY SCHLACHT UND FORDERTECHNIK GMBH, Germany - equipment for slaughter and processing of meat
  • BAR MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • BAZIS, Ukraine – prepacking and packing equipment, weighing batchers and conveying systems for food industry
  • BEGARAT VERTRIEBS - UND SERVICE GMBH, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry
  • BERCH-LASKA, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • BESTMONT SA, Poland - equipment for food industry
  • BID, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • BIG BRAIN UKRAINE, Ukraine – innovation promotion materials and advertising technologies
  • BMB BLEND, Ukraine - producing of complex dry mixes for food industryBOSSFOR MEDIA,
  • PUBLISHING GROUP, Russia – producing group
  • BRAVICA, Ukraine – broad assortment of man-made casings
  • BRUTTO, MAGAZINE, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • BUHLER SORTEX LTD, England - sorting technologies
  • C F S UKRAINE, Ukraine - equipment for feedstock preparation
  • CAMOZZI-PNEUMATIC-SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine – pneumatic equipment for commercial production automation
  • CARMEL RESINS LTD A MEMBER OF THE DANKNER GROUP, Israel – organic gums and additions for cardboard-, paper- and etc. industry
  • CEISA PACKAGING, France - films
  • CLEVERTECH s.r.l, Italy – systems of packing on pallets
  • COMPANY SYSTEMGROUP, Ukraine – manufacturing solutions in field of automation and control of producing, storing and logistics processes
  • COTECHNOLOGY, Russia - manufacturing equipment and full industrial lines for confectionery industry
  • CSB-SYSTEM AG, Germany – corporative management for food industry and retail trade
  • DAN, Ukraine – selling of ovens and machines for bakery and confectionery products
  • DOM SPECYJ, Ukraine - spicery, spice mixes, flavours, decors, complex and functional prepares for meat industry.
  • DONETSKTORGSERVICE, Ukraine - ingredients and consumables for meat-processing industry
  • DOR FILM A MEMBER OF THE DANKNER GROUP, Israel – producing of PP films БОПП
  • DORIT DFT, Germany - equipment for meat industry
  • DR.-ING. K. BUSCH GMBH, Germany - vacuum pumps, compressors
  • DUKO-TECHNIK, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • E.D.S., Ukraine - producing of polymeric packing and equipment
  • ECI LIMITED (USA), Ukraine - developing, selling and support of equipment for food industry
  • ECOMEC LTD, Belgium – used equipment for confectionery industry
  • EDVICE, Ukraine – supply of raw materials, ingredients and technologies for all branches of food industry
  • ELIT TRADE, Ukraine – natural casings and bladder. Wholesale. Industrial processing
  • ELO PACK, Ukraine - developing and producing of whole spectrum of filling and packing equipment
  • EMF LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK-ANLAGENBAU GMBH, Germany - projecting and "turnkey" construction of food industry plants
  • ENGENEERING MACHINERY EUROUTIL, Ukraine - techniques for collection, storing and utilizing of waste
  • EURO CLASS TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • EURO PRINT, Ukraine - films
  • EUROSMAZKI, Ukraine - lubricants for food industry
  • EUROTECHGAZ, Ukraine – nitrogen packing of foodstuffs
  • EUROTRANSGROUP, Ukraine – international cargo transportation
  • FABER, Ukraine - additives and spice
  • FAVORIT-TECHNO, Ukraine - equipment for bakery and confectionery industry
  • FESTO, Ukraine – automation technologies
  • FIBOSA, Spain - equipment for meat industry
  • FINPACK, Finland - equipment for diary industry
  • FISHER KRONA UKRAINE, Ukraine – spice mixes
  • FOOD & DRINKS, magazine, Ukraine
  • FOOD PLANT, Ukraine - equipment for meat-processing enterprises
  • FOOD TECHNICAL SERVICES SRL, Italy – producing of concentrates, juices, puree and essences
  • FOODCHEM INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, China - producing of agar, brandy gum
  • FOODSERVICE DV, Ukraine – food additives and cleaning means
  • FOREST, Ukraine – food additives for meat industry
  • FORS, Ukraine  - piston and screw compressors
  • FORTEXGROUP, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • FRANS VERMEE GMBH, Germany - technologies of filling and packing for food and chemistry products
  • FROZEN FOODS, magazine, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • FSK BROK, Ukraine – sausage casings
  • GALGAKIRAN COMPRESSOR UKRAINE, Ukraine – manufacturing equipment.
  • GECONATEC GMBH, Germany – equipment for food industry
  • GEFEST - HOLDING, Ukraine – equipment for food industry.
  • GERA, Ukraine – polygraph services in Ukraine  
  • GIDROTECH ENGINEERING, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • GRES S.A., Ukraine - equipment for confectioneries and semi-finished products producing, fish processing
  • HIGEL KALTETECHNIK E.K., Germany – TM Higel ice generators
  • HITEC CO. LTD, The Netherlands - producing, selling and support of filling systems for frankfurters and ham
  • HOSOKAWA CONFECTIONERY AND BAKERY, Germany – components for dosage, weighting, forming for confectionery industry, cooling systems
  • HUGART SP. Z O.O., Poland - rotary automatic machines, lines, grouping means, automatic machines for cardboard packing, manufacturing lines for fish industry
  • IGIS, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • IKA(r) - WERKE GMBH & CO. KG, Germany - equipment for mixing, dispersioning, emulsification, atomizing in humid condition and homogenizing
  • ILAPAK, Switzerland - supply and servicing of industrial packing machines and lines for food and inedible products
  • IMEX-AGRO, Ukraine - supply, adjustment, servicing of equipment for meat-processing industry
  • INAUEN MASCHINEN AG VC999, Sweden – vacuum packing machines
  • INFOMAX Sp. J., Poland – ad catalogue of Polish companies
  • INFORMBUSINESS, PUBLISHING CENTER, Ukraine - catalogue "All for food and processing industry"
  • INOVA, Ukraine - packing equipment.
  • INTEGRA EUROPE, Germany - consulting
  • INTEKNA, Ukraine - equipment for food industry, servicing and technological consultations
  • INTERMACH, Ukraine - producing of equipment for dosage and packing of bulk solids, paste-like and liquid products
  • INTERMAK MAKINA IMALAT ITHALAT SANAYI VE TICARET A.S, Turkey - equipment for food industry
  • INTERMIK – FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – technological design work and high-quality equipment
  • ION MOS LTD, Romania – spice mixes and additions for meat products
  • IRBIS, Ukraine – products supplying
  • ITAL PARTNER GROUP, Ukraine – supplying and selling of noncorrosive steel products
  • ITAL PROJECT S.R.L., Italy - manufacturing equipment
  • IVK TECHNIKA, Ukraine - equipment for food industry and consumables
  • KABO GEWURZE GMBH, Ukraine - spices
  • KAICING GROUP, Ukraine - meat-processing enterprises servicing
  • KARALESS, Ukraine - food industry ingredients wholesale
  • KARL SCHNELL GMBH & CO.KG, Germany - mincing machines, mixers, emulsifiers, extrusion machines, conveyors
  • KENTAVRCONSORTIUM, Ukraine – meat-processing technologies developing
  • KHARCHOVYK, newspaper, Ukraine
  • KIMAK, Ukraine - compositions for meat industry
  • KOLOB, Ukraine - producing and selling of twin-screw vacuum injectors
  • KOMPO, Ukraine - producing of equipment for meat-processing industry
  • KONTITECH-UKRAINE, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • KORSAR, Ukraine  - publishing of ad magazines and branch reference-books
  • KOVCHEG and КО, Ukraine - food ingredients producing and wholesale
  • LAZERIT, Ukraine - laser equipment for industrial marking of metallic and not-metallic wares
  • LIDIYA, Ukraine - manufacturing machines and automatic lines, equipment for food industry
  • LINCO FOOD SYSTEM A/S, Denmark - equipment for bird-processing, meat and fish industry
  • LINDE GAZ UKRAINE, Ukraine - producing of gases and gas mixes for food industry
  • LOGRUS, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • MADO MASCHINENFABRIK DORNHAN GMBH, Germany - equipment for food industry
  • MAGIA VKUSA, Ukraine – flavoring mixes, additives, aromatizers, natural spice mixes, etc.
  • MAGNAT, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • MAGNOLIA-PACK, Ukraine – corrugated cardboard, cardboard products
  • MAKROS, Ukraine – stabilizing systems
  • MANULI UKRAINE Ltd., Ukraine – complex supplies of technologies for final packing stage
  • MASTER MILK, Ukraine - equipment for ice-cream producing, meat semi-manufactured articles and diary industry
  • MATIMEX-UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling of equipment, mixes, spicee, etc.
  • MEAT BUSINESS, Ukraine - theoretical and practical magazine for meat business specialists
  • MEAT SERVICEmagazine, Ukraine
  • MILAM, Ukraine - equipment for all technology stages of meat-processing
  • MILEX L, Ukraine – smoking and cooking chambers
  • MILORD, Ukraine - producing of food additives
  • MIR OBOLOCHEK, Ukraine – natural sausage causing
  • MOGUNTIA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – spice mixes, aromatics, marinades
  • MOUNTEX, Ukraine – wholesale of natural beef, hum and sheep's membranes
  • MTC-EXPO, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • MYASNOE DELO, magazine - edition for meat-processing industry specialists
  • NADIYA, Ukraine – spare pats and components
  • NARGUS, Ukraine - producing of roll packing, made of films and paper
  • NASHA, Ukraine - producing of functional flavourings
  • NESSE- UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling of food additives and spice for meat- and fish-processing
  • NEW MYASNOE DELO, magazine, Russia - meat industry edition
  • NHM PACK LTD, Ukraine - packing and manufacturing equipment for diary and food industry
  • NIELSEN MASKINFABRIK APS, Denmark – icing lines, cooling tunnels, forming lines for chocolate and candies
  • NOCK FLEISCHEREIMASCHINEN GMBH, Germany - machines for meat-processing and fosh industry
  • NORBERT SCHALLER GES.M.B.H, Austria - equipment for food industry
  • NORDENIA INTERNATIONAL AG, Germany - packing films
  • OKANT-UKRAINE, Ukraine - adjusting, servicing, technical support
  • OMAG S.R.L., Subsidiary branch, Ukraine - Packing equipment for food, chemistry, cosmetic branch
  • OMEGA, Ukraine  - producing of high-quality ingredients for food industry
  • PACOVIS AG, Sweden - packing equipment
  • PAKRA GMBH, Germany - equipment for meat-processing industry
  • PANINI S.R.L., Italy - autoclaves, palletizers and depalletizers
  • PARAMEDICA, Ukraine – selling of lecithins, oils, fats and ingredients for food industry
  • PASTATECHNIKA, Ukraine - lines for macaroni producing
  • PENTOPACK, Ukraine – flexible packing materials for foodstuff
  • PESCHERIN, Ukraine – confectionery equipment producing
  • PETRUZALEK, Ukraine – system packing
  • PFRANGER FLEISCHEREITECHNIK, Germany - machines and equipment for meat-processing industry
  • PLANETA-DRUK, Ukraine - producing of printed matter
  • PLATTENHARDT + WIRTH GMBH, Germany - warehouses and storing systems
  • POLIMASH, Ukraine - producing of equipment for PET-bottles blowing
  • POLI-PACK, Ukraine - producing of polyamide thermo-shrinkable high-elastic casings
  • PRIAMO SRL, Italy - equipment for food industry
  • PRODUCTS & INGREDIENTS, Ukraine - international magazine
  • PRODUKTY PITANIYA, MAGAZINE, Ukraine – specialized edition
  • PRODUKTY PITANIYA, Publishing House / MOLOCHNOYE DELO, magazine, Ukraine – the Ukrainian specialized magazine for diary branch specialists
  • PROTEIN PRODUCT, ENGENEERING CENTER, Ukraine – selling of ingredients and packing for food industry
  • PROTEIN. TECHNOLOGIES. INGREDIENTS., Ukraine - producing and distribution of ingredients for meat, bird-processing, fish, diary and confectionery branches of food industry
  • PROXIMA GmbH, Ukraine – manufacturing plants of equipment for sausages producing
  • RAPS UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling of spice, ingredients for meat producing
  • REGIS SP. Z O.O., Poland - additions, manufacturing and accessory parts for meat-processing industry
  • RINVIK, Ukraine - producing of cutters
  • ROMILLENA, Ukraine  - supply and selling of sausage casings
  • RUPAS-PACK, Ukraine - confectionery, bakery and packing equipment
  • RUSBANA ENGINEERING UKRAINE, Ukraine - equipment for processing of vegetabls and fruits
  • S.T.I.A. PASTA TECHNOLOGY SRL, Italy – producing lines for macaroni products
  • S.T.M.-UKRAINE, Ukraine - producing of reducers, reduction gears, watertight motors and components for transporters and conveyor systems
  • SCHROTER TECHNOLOGIE GMBH & CO.KG, Germany - equipment for food industry
  • SEALED AIR UKRAINE LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • SELO, The Netherlands - end-to-end solutions for producing and packing in food industry
  • SENSOR, Ukraine - developing and producing of automatic metering devices for bakery and confectionery industry
  • SHTAYNER-UKRAINE, Ukraine - equipment for industry
  • SIGPACK SYSTEMS AG, Switzerland – packing systems
  • SILENCE, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • SISTEMA LTD, Ukraine - industrial bubble-jet printers, pressure sensitive labels applicators
  • SISTEMA-PROIZVODSTVO, Ukraine - producing of equipment for confectionery industry
  • SORDI IMPIANTI, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • SPHERE - CONFECTIONERBAKERRussia – specialized information and analytical magazine
  • SPHERE - MEAT, MEAT-PROCESSING, magazine, Russia - specialized information and analytical magazine
  • SPHERE - MILKICE-CREAMRussia - specialized information and analytical magazine
  • SPICE-OPT, Ukraine – wholesale of natural spice and additions for food industry
  • STAR-UKRAINE, Ukraine - casings, flexography print
  • STEPHAN MACHINERY GMBH & CO, Germany - equipment for food industry.
  • STUDIOPACK UKRAINE LTD, Ukraine - aluminium foil containers for foodstuff
  • SUDPACK Ukraine, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland - equipment and spare parts
  • SYMPAK CORAZZA C.p.A., Italy - lines for prepacking and packing of cheese, dairy butter, dry bouillons
  • TAURAS-PHENIX LTD, Ukraine – equipment developing, producing and supply
  • TECHFLON TECHNISCHE GEWEBE, Germany – Teflon wares
  • TECHINSERV, Ukraine - producing of meat-processing equipment
  • TECHNIK, Ukraine – drying cabinets for various foodstuff drying
  • TECHNOLOG, Ukraine - developing and producing of equipment for food industry
  • TECHNOLOGIA PLUS, Ukraine - consumables, spice and functional additives for meat industry
  • TECHNOLOGIA TRADE, Ukraine – supply of ingredients for meat-processing enterprises
  • TECHNOLOGIA, Ukraine – gas-permeability casings for sausages
  • TECHNOLOGIA-BUSINESS, Ukraine  - filling-and-packing and special manufacturing equipment
  • TECHNOPROD LTD, Ukraine – man-made sausages casings
  • TECHNOPRODSERVICE, Ukraine - supply, installation, servicing of meat-processing equipment
  • TEEPACK SPEZIALMASCHINEN GMBH & CO. KG, Germany – packing machines for tea prepacking
  • TETRA-OTICH, Ukraine – equipment developing and producing
  • TEXA, Ukraine – supply of equipment for food industry
  • TFQ, ENGINEERING GROUP, Ukraine - equipment for macaroni producing
  • TONELLI GROUP SRL, Italy - plants for whipped cream and butter, aerators, full lines for confectioneries producing
  • TORGMASH, Ukraine – professional food equipment for trade and public catering enterprises
  • TREIF MASCHINENBAU GMBH, Germany - machines, plants and systems for foodstuff cutting
  • TROMP Bakery Equipment, The Netherlands - manufacturing equipment and full lines for confectionery industry
  • TRUMF INTERNATIONAL s.r.o., Czech Republic - producing of meat products and smoked foods
  • TUBES INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • UKRAGROPACK, Ukraine - equipment for diary, can, spirit, food and processing industry enterprises
  • UKRAINE CASING TRADE, Ukraine – high-quality sausage casings
  • UKRCHEMCLEANING, Ukraine - cleaning and disinfectant cleaning means
  • UKRPRODMASHSTROY, Ukraine - bakery and confectionery equipment
  • ULMA CyE S.Coop, Spain – packing machines
  • UNIPACK.RU, Russia - Unipack.Ru – Internet-portal of packing industry in .ru-net
  • UPAKOVKA, magazine, Ukraine - magazine for producers and consumers of tare and packing
  • VAN MEER A.S., Turkey - confectionery and packing equipment
  • VANDERPOL BAKING SYSTEMS, The Netherlands - ovens, shrink machines, complete lines for confectionery industry
  • VINCITORE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, Ukraine - equipment for packing in vacuum bags, pallets, films
  • VI-VA-LTDUkraine - equipment for flavouring, diary, pharmaceutical and processing industry
  • VNESHAGROPRODUCT, Ukraine - import and selling of plastic wares
  • VREMYA and C, Ukraine – complex mixes wholesale
  • VTR, Ukraine - delivery of goods to meat-processing and fish industry enterprises
  • WIPAK WALSRODE GMBH & CO. KG, Germany - packing
  • ZALTECH GmbH International, Austria – spicery mixes for food industry



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