- International specialized Trade Fair of food processing industry Inprodmash in Kiev

Statistics 2009


Total Trade Fair area 9126 sqm
Exposition area 5017 sqm
The number of registered visitors who filled  in theregistration card


Number of participants
- national
185 companies
135 companies
- foreign

50 companies (from Austria, Belarus, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland)

Position of the visitors:
Top directors
Specialist / Manager
Middle level personnel
Private entrepreneur



  • A&G WACHHOLZ, ALWID, Germany – equipment and complex lines for pre-packing/bottling, corking of liquids
  • AASTED-MIKROVERK APS, Denmark – equipment for confectionery industry
  • ADVICE, Ukraine – ingredients and technologies for food industry
  • AGRO-3, Ukraine – equipment for meat-processing industry
  • AGROGEST-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for food enterprises
  • AGROSMAK, Ukraine – complex maintenance of meat enterprises account materials
  • ALLTEX-UKRAINE, Ukraine – machines and producing lines for meat-, bird-, fish- processing and diary industry
  • ALNAT, Ukraine – producing and modernization of equipment for meat-processing industry
  • ALPHA-SYNTHESIS, Ukraine – producing of polymeric sheets and films
  • ALTEMA, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • AM2C, France – equipment for meat industry
  • AMMERAAL BELTEX UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of conveyor and technological belts
  • ARIS Ltd, Ukraine – wide range of packaging from barrier film and laminates
  • AROMAROS-M, Ukraine – food ingredients
  • ART PACK LTD, Ukraine – thermoforming lines, packing systems
  • ASSOCIATION OF THE GERMAN TRADE FAIR INDUSTY (AUMA E.V.), Germany – prepares the official German trade fair program abroad
  • ATLANTIS-PACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – packages for meat-processing and diary industry
  • AVTORIM, Ukraine – specialized literature for food and processing industry
  • BAADER GmbH+Co.KG, Germany – equipment for food industry
  • BALENKO, Ukraine – manufacture of packing equipment
  • BASIS, Ukraine – packing of small piece and poorly dust-forming foodstuffs.
  • BREZE, Ukraine – producing of labeling equipment
  • BUSCH / Dr.-Ing.K.Busch GmbH, Germany – vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors for food industry
  • BUSINESS-DOSIE, Ukraine – professional advertising and informational editions
  • CASING GROUP, Ukraine – collagen and natural casings
  • CASING Trade House, Ukraine – supplier of sausage casings
  • CFS UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for producing of semi-manufactured food
  • CRYOGENSERVICE, Ukraine – medical gas systems
  • CSB-System AG, Germany – industry-specific turnkey IT-solution
  • DARY PRIRODY, Ukraine – manufacturer and the supplier of wide range of two and tree component gas mixtures for food packing
  • DEE INTRA, Ukraine – technologies for vacuum and MAP packaging
  • DONETSKTORGSERVICES, Ukraine – ingredients and expendable materials for meat-processing industry
  • DORIT-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH, Germany – wide assortment of meat-processing equipment
  • DRESDNER KUHLANLAGENBAU GmbH, Germany – complex refrigeration and air conditioning solutions
  • DUCO-TECHNIK, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • E.D.S., Ukraine – polymeric wrappings
  • ELO PACK, Ukraine – equipment for packaging of various food products
  • EMF Lebensmittltechnik-Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany –  complex technological lines for food industry
  • ENOGRUP, Ukraine – complex technological solutions in wine-making
  • EUROWATER, Ukraine – equipment for water treatment
  • FAVOURIT TECHNO, Ukraine – equipment for confectionery and bakery producing
  • FEMIA, France – planning and erection of industrial turn-key plants in the food-business
  • FESSMANN GmbH und Co KG, Germany –  systems for smoking, cooking, roasting and baking, for maturing, cooling and conditioning
  • FOODPLANT, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry, spare parts
  • FOODSERVICE DV, Ukraine – food additives
  • FOREST, Ukraine – producing of food additives for meat industry
  • FORINTEK-UKRAINE, Ukraine – marking and labeling equipment
  • FORTEX GROUP, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • FRANS VERMEE GmbH, Germany –  packaging technologies for food industry
  • GASER-EUROPA, Ukraine – manufacture of steel tools for the meat processing industry
  • GECONATEC GmbH, Germany – design, delivery and construction of complex systems and entire plants for food processing and packaging
  • GEFEST-HOLDING, Ukraine – additives, technological and auxiliary components for meat-processing industry
  • GERA, Ukraine – polygraphic services
  • GERMAN FEDERAL MINISTRY OF ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY, Germany – overseas trade fair program of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • GRES S.A., Ukraine – equipment for production of confectionery, bread, self-finished products
  • GUENTHER Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany – machines and extensive high-performance processing lines for the food processing sector
  • HARCHOVYK, Ukraine – branch edition
  • HOSOKAWA BEPEX GmbH, Germany – equipment for confectionery producing
  • IGIS, Ukraine – sausage collagen casings
  • IMEX-AGRO, Ukraine – meat processing equipment
  • INFOMAX Sp. J., Poland – advertising & business catalogues
  • INFORMBUSINESS, Ukraine – publishing center
  • INTA, Ukraine – dosers, semi-automatic and automatic machines for packing of free-flowing, liquid and paste-like products in film, ready packets, cups and jars
  • INTEKNA, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry and food packing
  • INTERMASH, Ukraine – packing equipment for packaging of paste-like, liquid and free-flowing products
  • INTERMIK – FOOD TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – meat processing machinery
  • IPiCO, Ukraine – packing equipment
  • ITAK, Ukraine – various packaging made on the import equipment and materials
  • ITALSERVICE-UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling and producing equipment for food industry
  • ITEX, Ukraine – producing of plastic food containers
  • KABO – Spezii, Ukraine – equipment for producing of meat and sausage products
  • KARL SCHNELL GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – equipment for industrial processing of meat, sausages and etc. producing
  • KENTAVR, Consortium, Ukraine – meat-processing equipment
  • KHLEBOPEKARSKOYE I KONDITERSKOE DELO, Ukraine – specialized magazine
  • KLOCKNER Hansel Processing GmbH, Germany – equipment for confectionery industry
  • KOLOB, Byelorussia – equipment for sausage producing
  • KOMPO, Ukraine – equipment for meat-processing industry
  • KOSTA, Russia – lines for confectionery producing
  • KROPOTKIN PLANT OF INSTALLATION AND SPECIAL BUILDING TOOLS, Russia – producing of automatic and semi-automatic equipment for food industry
  • LAGARDE, France – equipment for sterilization, pasteurization, thermo-processing and producing of preserves
  • LIDIYA, Ukraine – producing lines for producing of crackers, a fried peanut, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • LINDE GAS UKRAINE, Ukraine – gases and gas technologies for food industry
  • LOESCH Verpackungstechnik GmbH, Germany – packing equipment
  • LOGRUS, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • MAKET, Ukraine – selling of food factory
  • MAN.GO, Ukraine – personal protection equipment, working clothes, etc.
  • MARKO PACK, Ukraine – specialized branch edition "Mir Upakovki"
  • MASTER-PACK, Ukraine – packing equipment, flexible packing materials
  • MATIMEX – Ukraine, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • MAUNTEX, Ukraine – natural beef and hog casings
  • MEAT INDUSTRY, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • MEAT SERVICE, Ukraine – informational and advertising magazine
  • MEAT TECHNIK, Ukraine
  • MEATINFO.LV, Latvia – specialized portal for meat branch of Baltic region
  • MEGA-TEX, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • MILAM, Ukraine – equipment for meat branch
  • MOGUNTIA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – food additives for meat-processing industry
  • MOLOCHNOE DELO, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • MONT-INOX Sp.z.o.o, Poland – equipment for wine-making, soft drinks and diary products producing
  • MPS Meat Processing Systems BV, The Netherlands – equipment for food processing industry
  • MPS VEGA, Ukraine – industrial flooring
  • MYASNOE DELO, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • MYASNOY BIZNES, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • NASHA Trade House, Ukraine – food additives for meat and fish industry
  • NESSE-UKRAINE, Ukraine – ingredients and new technologies for food industry
  • NOCK Fleischereimaschinen GmbH, Germany – producer of derinding machines, cutting machines, skinning machines, scale ice makers
  • OKANT-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for half-finished goods production
  • OMAG Srl., Ukraine – packing equipment for food industry
  • ORION SERVICE, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • OSTRIV-UKRAINE, Ukraine – refrigeration equipment
  • OWEN, Russia / Ukraine – средства автоматизации технологических процессов
  • OZPO, Food equipment plant, Ukraine – equipment to bakeries and confectionary factories
  • PACOVIS AG, Switzerland – functional additions, complex mixes and spices
  • PAKKOGRAFF, Russia – information and analytical portal, devoted to packing market
  • PAKRA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for meat-processing industry
  • PCM, France – provides solutions for transferring, dosing, mixing and filling of fragile, viscous and difficult to handle products in food and personal care industries
  • PEREVIZNYK®, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • PETRUZALEK, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials for food industry, machines for meat-processing
  • PLANETA-DRUK, Ukraine – producing of packing and advertising products
  • PLATTENHARDT+WIRTH GmbH, Germany – planning and ready-for-use construction of wholesale markets, production rooms for meat-, fish-, milk-, vegetable processing etc.
  • POLTAVAMASH, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • POLYMER, Ukraine – packing materials
  • PROASEPTIC TECHNOLOGIES S.L., Spain – ultra-clean and aseptic filling machines for food and drinks
  • PROD-PACK, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials for food industry
  • PRODUCTS & INGREDIENTS, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • PROMECOLOGY, Ukraine
  • PROTEIN PRODUCT, ENGINEERING CENTER, Ukraine – ingredients and packing for food industry
  • PROXIMA GmbH, Ukraine – spices and marinades for sausages and meat food producing
  • PSS - PotravinArske strojArne SvidnIk, a.s., Slovakia – producing, start and adjustment of equipment for meat processing
  • RAPS UKRAINE, Ukraine – spices, ingredients, functional preparations for food industry
  • REVEYRON S.A., France – conveyor belts
  • ROBATEX UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for gluing
  • ROMILLENA LTD, Ukraine / Czech Republic – sausage collagen, fibrous, polymer and textile casings
  • RUPAS-PACK, Ukraine – equipment for mini-bakery, confectionery industry
  • SCANDIMEX Danmark ApS, Denmark – meat and meat products deliveries for processing, wholesale and retail
  • SCHALLER LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK®, Ukraine – spices, ingredients, equipment and supplies for meat, poultry & fish processing industries, also for equipment for slicing, packaging, weighting & labeling for any industries
  • SCHROTER Technologie GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – equipment for food industry
  • SEALED AIR LTD, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials
  • SELO B.V., The Netherlands – equipment for producing of mayonnaise, souses, ketchups, etc.
  • SFERA, Russia – b2b edition for food industry
  • SIGPACK Systems AG, Switzerland – transporting and packing systems
  • SISTEMA LTD, Ukraine – industrial ink jet printers
  • SMART CAPITAL, Ukraine – information-analytical periodical
  • SPETZTEKHOSNASTKA / ТМ Vital Plast, Ukraine – polypropylene package
  • SPICESHOUSES, Ukraine – spices, spice mixtures, favors, decorative, spice preparations, complete preparations and processing aids for meat industry
  • SSP Private Limited, India – manufacturer of machinery, plants and complete processing lines for various industrial sectors
  • STEINER-UKRAINE, Ukraine – plastic packing, decoration and tamper-proof films, cleaning & sanitizing agents
  • STERIFLOW, France – autoclaves (retorts) for the sterilization, pasteurization or cooking under vacuum for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • STRA, Ukraine – cooling equipment for food industry
  • SUEDPACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – barrier films by SUEDPACK GmbH for the thermo-forming and flow wrapping machines
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland – equipment for food industry
  • SVIT OBOLONOK, Ukraine – sausages casings
  • SYSTEMGROUP UKRAINE, Ukraine – complex decisions, directed on automation of business and also automation of enterprises for the current processing of meat, fish and poultry
  • TECHINSERV, Ukraine – producing equipment for meat-processing
  • TECHNOFOODSERVICE, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • TECHNOLOGIYA-BIZNES, Ukraine – producing of packing and special technological equipment for food industry
  • TECHNOLOGY TRADE, Ukraine – ingredients for meat-processing enterprises
  • TECHNOPACK, Ukraine – food production packing
  • TECHNOPROD LTD, Ukraine – sausage casings
  • TECHPROLAD, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • TEEPACK Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – packing machines for producing of double-chamber tea bags
  • TEHNOLOG, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • TEKHEXPO, Ukraine – wide assortment confectionary and bakery equipment
  • TEKHNOLOGIYAPLUS, Ukraine – flavorings and functional additives, spices
  • TEKNIKA, Ukraine – packing equipment
  • TFQ Group, Ukraine – technological equipment for food industry
  • TREIF Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany – equipment for food cutting
  • UBT Corporation, Ukraine – producing of goods from foam polyethylene
  • UKRPRODMASHBUD, Ukraine – producing of confectionery and bakery equipment
  • ULMA PACKAGING UKRAINE, Ukraine – projecting and producing of various packing equipment
  • UNIPACK.RU, Russia – information system on packaging industry
  • UPAKOVANO.RU, Russia – business Internet-source for packing industry companies
  • VALDIM-TEH, Ukraine – equipment for meat and diary
  • VEGA UKRAINE, Ukraine – spices ingredients, equipment for food industry
  • VERITEK TP, Ukraine – cotton twine for the binding of meats, sausages, cheeses and delicatessen
  • VINCITORE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, Ukraine – packaging materials for thermoforming machines
  • VI-VA LTD, Ukraine – producing of equipment for food and confectionery industry
  • VTR, Ukraine – flavorings, functional additives, taste compositions ingredients, cellulose films
  • WEIGHT-MEASURING SYSTEMS, Ukraine – makes, sells and serves: truck scales, carriages, conveyor scales, crane scales, platform, point-of-sale, commodity, bunker and metering devices
  • WIPAK Walsrode GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – films and packaging solutions for food sector
  • WORLD MEAT TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • ZALTECH GmbH International, Austria – spice mixes for food industry
  • ZANOTTI-UKRAINE JV, Ukraine – cooling equipment for food industry
  • ZILLI & BELLINI S.R.L., Italy – producing of machines for food industry
  • ZOVNISHAGROPRODUCT, Ukraine – import and selling of plastic goods


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