Statistics 2009


Total Trade Fair area 9126 sqm
Exposition area 5017 sqm
The number of registered visitors who filled  in theregistration card


Number of participants
- national
185 companies
135 companies
- foreign

50 companies (from Austria, Belarus, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland)

Position of the visitors:
Top directors
Specialist / Manager
Middle level personnel
Private entrepreneur



  • A&G WACHHOLZ, ALWID, Germany – equipment and complex lines for pre-packing/bottling, corking of liquids
  • AASTED-MIKROVERK APS, Denmark – equipment for confectionery industry
  • ADVICE, Ukraine – ingredients and technologies for food industry
  • AGRO-3, Ukraine – equipment for meat-processing industry
  • AGROGEST-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for food enterprises
  • AGROSMAK, Ukraine – complex maintenance of meat enterprises account materials
  • ALLTEX-UKRAINE, Ukraine – machines and producing lines for meat-, bird-, fish- processing and diary industry
  • ALNAT, Ukraine – producing and modernization of equipment for meat-processing industry
  • ALPHA-SYNTHESIS, Ukraine – producing of polymeric sheets and films
  • ALTEMA, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • AM2C, France – equipment for meat industry
  • AMMERAAL BELTEX UKRAINE, Ukraine – producing of conveyor and technological belts
  • ARIS Ltd, Ukraine – wide range of packaging from barrier film and laminates
  • AROMAROS-M, Ukraine – food ingredients
  • ART PACK LTD, Ukraine – thermoforming lines, packing systems
  • ASSOCIATION OF THE GERMAN TRADE FAIR INDUSTY (AUMA E.V.), Germany – prepares the official German trade fair program abroad
  • ATLANTIS-PACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – packages for meat-processing and diary industry
  • AVTORIM, Ukraine – specialized literature for food and processing industry
  • BAADER GmbH+Co.KG, Germany – equipment for food industry
  • BALENKO, Ukraine – manufacture of packing equipment
  • BASIS, Ukraine – packing of small piece and poorly dust-forming foodstuffs.
  • BREZE, Ukraine – producing of labeling equipment
  • BUSCH / Dr.-Ing.K.Busch GmbH, Germany – vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors for food industry
  • BUSINESS-DOSIE, Ukraine – professional advertising and informational editions
  • CASING GROUP, Ukraine – collagen and natural casings
  • CASING Trade House, Ukraine – supplier of sausage casings
  • CFS UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for producing of semi-manufactured food
  • CRYOGENSERVICE, Ukraine – medical gas systems
  • CSB-System AG, Germany – industry-specific turnkey IT-solution
  • DARY PRIRODY, Ukraine – manufacturer and the supplier of wide range of two and tree component gas mixtures for food packing
  • DEE INTRA, Ukraine – technologies for vacuum and MAP packaging
  • DONETSKTORGSERVICES, Ukraine – ingredients and expendable materials for meat-processing industry
  • DORIT-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH, Germany – wide assortment of meat-processing equipment
  • DRESDNER KUHLANLAGENBAU GmbH, Germany – complex refrigeration and air conditioning solutions
  • DUCO-TECHNIK, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • E.D.S., Ukraine – polymeric wrappings
  • ELO PACK, Ukraine – equipment for packaging of various food products
  • EMF Lebensmittltechnik-Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany –  complex technological lines for food industry
  • ENOGRUP, Ukraine – complex technological solutions in wine-making
  • EUROWATER, Ukraine – equipment for water treatment
  • FAVOURIT TECHNO, Ukraine – equipment for confectionery and bakery producing
  • FEMIA, France – planning and erection of industrial turn-key plants in the food-business
  • FESSMANN GmbH und Co KG, Germany –  systems for smoking, cooking, roasting and baking, for maturing, cooling and conditioning
  • FOODPLANT, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry, spare parts
  • FOODSERVICE DV, Ukraine – food additives
  • FOREST, Ukraine – producing of food additives for meat industry
  • FORINTEK-UKRAINE, Ukraine – marking and labeling equipment
  • FORTEX GROUP, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • FRANS VERMEE GmbH, Germany –  packaging technologies for food industry
  • GASER-EUROPA, Ukraine – manufacture of steel tools for the meat processing industry
  • GECONATEC GmbH, Germany – design, delivery and construction of complex systems and entire plants for food processing and packaging
  • GEFEST-HOLDING, Ukraine – additives, technological and auxiliary components for meat-processing industry
  • GERA, Ukraine – polygraphic services
  • GERMAN FEDERAL MINISTRY OF ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY, Germany – overseas trade fair program of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • GRES S.A., Ukraine – equipment for production of confectionery, bread, self-finished products
  • GUENTHER Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany – machines and extensive high-performance processing lines for the food processing sector
  • HARCHOVYK, Ukraine – branch edition
  • HOSOKAWA BEPEX GmbH, Germany – equipment for confectionery producing
  • IGIS, Ukraine – sausage collagen casings
  • IMEX-AGRO, Ukraine – meat processing equipment
  • INFOMAX Sp. J., Poland – advertising & business catalogues
  • INFORMBUSINESS, Ukraine – publishing center
  • INTA, Ukraine – dosers, semi-automatic and automatic machines for packing of free-flowing, liquid and paste-like products in film, ready packets, cups and jars
  • INTEKNA, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry and food packing
  • INTERMASH, Ukraine – packing equipment for packaging of paste-like, liquid and free-flowing products
  • INTERMIK – FOOD TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine – meat processing machinery
  • IPiCO, Ukraine – packing equipment
  • ITAK, Ukraine – various packaging made on the import equipment and materials
  • ITALSERVICE-UKRAINE, Ukraine – selling and producing equipment for food industry
  • ITEX, Ukraine – producing of plastic food containers
  • KABO – Spezii, Ukraine – equipment for producing of meat and sausage products
  • KARL SCHNELL GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – equipment for industrial processing of meat, sausages and etc. producing
  • KENTAVR, Consortium, Ukraine – meat-processing equipment
  • KHLEBOPEKARSKOYE I KONDITERSKOE DELO, Ukraine – specialized magazine
  • KLOCKNER Hansel Processing GmbH, Germany – equipment for confectionery industry
  • KOLOB, Byelorussia – equipment for sausage producing
  • KOMPO, Ukraine – equipment for meat-processing industry
  • KOSTA, Russia – lines for confectionery producing
  • KROPOTKIN PLANT OF INSTALLATION AND SPECIAL BUILDING TOOLS, Russia – producing of automatic and semi-automatic equipment for food industry
  • LAGARDE, France – equipment for sterilization, pasteurization, thermo-processing and producing of preserves
  • LIDIYA, Ukraine – producing lines for producing of crackers, a fried peanut, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • LINDE GAS UKRAINE, Ukraine – gases and gas technologies for food industry
  • LOESCH Verpackungstechnik GmbH, Germany – packing equipment
  • LOGRUS, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • MAKET, Ukraine – selling of food factory
  • MAN.GO, Ukraine – personal protection equipment, working clothes, etc.
  • MARKO PACK, Ukraine – specialized branch edition "Mir Upakovki"
  • MASTER-PACK, Ukraine – packing equipment, flexible packing materials
  • MATIMEX – Ukraine, Ukraine – equipment for meat processing industry
  • MAUNTEX, Ukraine – natural beef and hog casings
  • MEAT INDUSTRY, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • MEAT SERVICE, Ukraine – informational and advertising magazine
  • MEAT TECHNIK, Ukraine
  • MEATINFO.LV, Latvia – specialized portal for meat branch of Baltic region
  • MEGA-TEX, Ukraine – equipment for meat industry
  • MILAM, Ukraine – equipment for meat branch
  • MOGUNTIA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – food additives for meat-processing industry
  • MOLOCHNOE DELO, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • MONT-INOX Sp.z.o.o, Poland – equipment for wine-making, soft drinks and diary products producing
  • MPS Meat Processing Systems BV, The Netherlands – equipment for food processing industry
  • MPS VEGA, Ukraine – industrial flooring
  • MYASNOE DELO, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • MYASNOY BIZNES, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • NASHA Trade House, Ukraine – food additives for meat and fish industry
  • NESSE-UKRAINE, Ukraine – ingredients and new technologies for food industry
  • NOCK Fleischereimaschinen GmbH, Germany – producer of derinding machines, cutting machines, skinning machines, scale ice makers
  • OKANT-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for half-finished goods production
  • OMAG Srl., Ukraine – packing equipment for food industry
  • ORION SERVICE, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • OSTRIV-UKRAINE, Ukraine – refrigeration equipment
  • OWEN, Russia / Ukraine – средства автоматизации технологических процессов
  • OZPO, Food equipment plant, Ukraine – equipment to bakeries and confectionary factories
  • PACOVIS AG, Switzerland – functional additions, complex mixes and spices
  • PAKKOGRAFF, Russia – information and analytical portal, devoted to packing market
  • PAKRA-UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for meat-processing industry
  • PCM, France – provides solutions for transferring, dosing, mixing and filling of fragile, viscous and difficult to handle products in food and personal care industries
  • PEREVIZNYK®, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • PETRUZALEK, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials for food industry, machines for meat-processing
  • PLANETA-DRUK, Ukraine – producing of packing and advertising products
  • PLATTENHARDT+WIRTH GmbH, Germany – planning and ready-for-use construction of wholesale markets, production rooms for meat-, fish-, milk-, vegetable processing etc.
  • POLTAVAMASH, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • POLYMER, Ukraine – packing materials
  • PROASEPTIC TECHNOLOGIES S.L., Spain – ultra-clean and aseptic filling machines for food and drinks
  • PROD-PACK, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials for food industry
  • PRODUCTS & INGREDIENTS, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • PROMECOLOGY, Ukraine
  • PROTEIN PRODUCT, ENGINEERING CENTER, Ukraine – ingredients and packing for food industry
  • PROXIMA GmbH, Ukraine – spices and marinades for sausages and meat food producing
  • PSS - PotravinArske strojArne SvidnIk, a.s., Slovakia – producing, start and adjustment of equipment for meat processing
  • RAPS UKRAINE, Ukraine – spices, ingredients, functional preparations for food industry
  • REVEYRON S.A., France – conveyor belts
  • ROBATEX UKRAINE, Ukraine – equipment for gluing
  • ROMILLENA LTD, Ukraine / Czech Republic – sausage collagen, fibrous, polymer and textile casings
  • RUPAS-PACK, Ukraine – equipment for mini-bakery, confectionery industry
  • SCANDIMEX Danmark ApS, Denmark – meat and meat products deliveries for processing, wholesale and retail
  • SCHALLER LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK®, Ukraine – spices, ingredients, equipment and supplies for meat, poultry & fish processing industries, also for equipment for slicing, packaging, weighting & labeling for any industries
  • SCHROTER Technologie GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – equipment for food industry
  • SEALED AIR LTD, Ukraine – packing equipment and materials
  • SELO B.V., The Netherlands – equipment for producing of mayonnaise, souses, ketchups, etc.
  • SFERA, Russia – b2b edition for food industry
  • SIGPACK Systems AG, Switzerland – transporting and packing systems
  • SISTEMA LTD, Ukraine – industrial ink jet printers
  • SMART CAPITAL, Ukraine – information-analytical periodical
  • SPETZTEKHOSNASTKA / ТМ Vital Plast, Ukraine – polypropylene package
  • SPICESHOUSES, Ukraine – spices, spice mixtures, favors, decorative, spice preparations, complete preparations and processing aids for meat industry
  • SSP Private Limited, India – manufacturer of machinery, plants and complete processing lines for various industrial sectors
  • STEINER-UKRAINE, Ukraine – plastic packing, decoration and tamper-proof films, cleaning & sanitizing agents
  • STERIFLOW, France – autoclaves (retorts) for the sterilization, pasteurization or cooking under vacuum for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • STRA, Ukraine – cooling equipment for food industry
  • SUEDPACK UKRAINE, Ukraine – barrier films by SUEDPACK GmbH for the thermo-forming and flow wrapping machines
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland – equipment for food industry
  • SVIT OBOLONOK, Ukraine – sausages casings
  • SYSTEMGROUP UKRAINE, Ukraine – complex decisions, directed on automation of business and also automation of enterprises for the current processing of meat, fish and poultry
  • TECHINSERV, Ukraine – producing equipment for meat-processing
  • TECHNOFOODSERVICE, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • TECHNOLOGIYA-BIZNES, Ukraine – producing of packing and special technological equipment for food industry
  • TECHNOLOGY TRADE, Ukraine – ingredients for meat-processing enterprises
  • TECHNOPACK, Ukraine – food production packing
  • TECHNOPROD LTD, Ukraine – sausage casings
  • TECHPROLAD, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • TEEPACK Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – packing machines for producing of double-chamber tea bags
  • TEHNOLOG, Ukraine – equipment for food industry
  • TEKHEXPO, Ukraine – wide assortment confectionary and bakery equipment
  • TEKHNOLOGIYAPLUS, Ukraine – flavorings and functional additives, spices
  • TEKNIKA, Ukraine – packing equipment
  • TFQ Group, Ukraine – technological equipment for food industry
  • TREIF Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany – equipment for food cutting
  • UBT Corporation, Ukraine – producing of goods from foam polyethylene
  • UKRPRODMASHBUD, Ukraine – producing of confectionery and bakery equipment
  • ULMA PACKAGING UKRAINE, Ukraine – projecting and producing of various packing equipment
  • UNIPACK.RU, Russia – information system on packaging industry
  • UPAKOVANO.RU, Russia – business Internet-source for packing industry companies
  • VALDIM-TEH, Ukraine – equipment for meat and diary
  • VEGA UKRAINE, Ukraine – spices ingredients, equipment for food industry
  • VERITEK TP, Ukraine – cotton twine for the binding of meats, sausages, cheeses and delicatessen
  • VINCITORE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, Ukraine – packaging materials for thermoforming machines
  • VI-VA LTD, Ukraine – producing of equipment for food and confectionery industry
  • VTR, Ukraine – flavorings, functional additives, taste compositions ingredients, cellulose films
  • WEIGHT-MEASURING SYSTEMS, Ukraine – makes, sells and serves: truck scales, carriages, conveyor scales, crane scales, platform, point-of-sale, commodity, bunker and metering devices
  • WIPAK Walsrode GmbH & Co. KG, Germany – films and packaging solutions for food sector
  • WORLD MEAT TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine – specialized branch edition
  • ZALTECH GmbH International, Austria – spice mixes for food industry
  • ZANOTTI-UKRAINE JV, Ukraine – cooling equipment for food industry
  • ZILLI & BELLINI S.R.L., Italy – producing of machines for food industry
  • ZOVNISHAGROPRODUCT, Ukraine – import and selling of plastic goods


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