- International specialized Trade Fair of food processing industry Inprodmash in Kiev

Statistics 2010



Total Trade Fair area 9180 sqm
Exposition area 5100 sqm
The number of registered visitors who filled  in theregistration card


Number of participants
- national
192 companies
138 companies
- foreign

54 companies (from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia,Switzerland, Tukey, USA)



Distribution of visitors according to regions: %
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 47
Central region 14
Eastern region
Western region 12
Southern region 10
Northern region 3
Foreign countries
Position of the visitors: %
Top directors 36
Specialist / Manager 21
Middle level personnel 32
Private entrepreneur 10
Others 1
Distribution of visitors according to the sectors of economy:  
Meat processing industry   32
Bakery and confectionery industry   21
Dairy industry   13
Fat-and-oil industry   5
Agriculture and poultry 6
Manufacture of beverages (alcoholic, alcohol-free, beer)  3
Other (fish, grocery, etc.) 12
Trade 6
Services 2



  • ADVICE, LTD, Ukraine - representative and distributor in Ukraine, the world's leading suppliers of ingredients and technologies for all branches of food industry
  • AGRO-3, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry.
  • AGROGEST-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - wholesale trade in equipment for the food industry.
  • AGROSMAK, LTD, Ukraine - providing meat processing plants materials.
  • AGROTEHNOLOGII, IC, LLC, Ukraine - distributor of the company FIBRAN (Spain) on the territory of Ukraine, which produces collagen sausage casings for all types of sausages.
  • AGRO-VEKTOR, LTD, Ukraine - supply of raw materials for production of sausages.
  • AISS GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - official representative of many European manufacturers of industrial equipment,
  • ALNAT, PE, Ukraine - production and upgrading of equipment for meat industry.
  • ALTEMA, LTD, Ukraine - stainless steel valves, expansion joints, steam traps, devices for measurement and control fluid, stainless steel hoses and pressure hoses.
  • AMMERAAL BELTECH UKRAINE, SERVICE CENTER, LTD, Ukraine - production of conveyor and processing belts.
  • ARIS Ltd., ISPE, Ukraine - a wide range of packaging barrier films and laminates.
  • ARKKOM, LLC, Ukraine - production and sale of wood and cardboard packaging for wine, brandy, confectionery, tea, cigars, jewelry, etc.
  • AROMAROS-M, PC, Ukraine - food ingredients.
  • ART PAK LTD, Firm, Ukraine - thermoforming lines, packaging systems.
  • ASSOCIATION OF THE GERMAN TRADE FAIR INDUSTY (AUMA E.V.), Germany - Committee on Exhibitions and Fairs of the German economy.
  • Atlantis-Pak Ukraine, BE, Ukraine - produces food packaging for meat and cheese industry.
  • BAADER GmbH+Co.KG, Germany - manufactures and supplies food processing machinery and installations
  • BANSS Germany GmbH, Germany - supplies the most modern slaughtering and meat processing systems as well as storage and cooling room transport systems for cattle, pigs and sheep.
  • BREZE, PE, Ukraine - production of labeling equipment.
  • BRUTTO, Magazine, Ukraine - a publication about the state of the food market of Ukraine and CIS.
  • BUSCH / Dr.-Ing.K.Busch GmbH, Germany - manufactures of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world.
  • Business-Dosye, Editorial staff, LTD, Ukraine-directories, business directories.
  • CASING GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - high-quality sausage casings.
  • CASING, Trade House, LTD, Ukraine - supply of sausage casings.
  • CFS Ukraine, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for the preparation of raw materials: meat grinders, mixers, cutters, emulsitatory, injectors, tumblers and tumblers.
  • CSB-System AG, Germany - is the industry-specific turnkey.
  • DEE INTRA, LTD, kraine - packaging technology in a vacuum and SCI, film.
  • DINNISSEN Deutschland GmbH, Germany - bulk materials and process technology.
  • Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH, Germany - specialised on injectors and brine preparing systems as well as on vacuum tumblers, dry and cooked cured meat presses, stuffing and clipping equipment.
  • DP AIR GAS LTD, Ukraine - supply of food gas mixtures.
  • DRESDNER KUHLANLAGENBAU GmbH, Germany - Customized refrigeration and air conditioning solutions for industrial, commercial and agricultural refrigeration or air conditioning needs
  • DUCO-TECHNIK, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • E.D.S., LTD, Ukraine - thermoforming machines for the production of blister packs, aprons, disposable utensils, etc., as well as the production of hard polymer films.
  • ECI LIMITED (USA), Representation, Ukraine - the official and exclusive representative of leading manufacturers in the world in the food industry.
  • ELO PACK, LTD, Ukraine - development and production of a whole range of Packing - packaging equipment for a wide range of industries.
  • EMF Lebensmittltechnik-Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany - Planning and erection of industrial turn-key plants in the food-business
  • ESE, LTD, Ukraine - design, manufacture, supply, installation of refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning systems, freezers, coolers and liquids production of ice water, heat pumps, air-conditioning systems.
  • EUROSMAK, LTD, Ukraine - a wide range of functional additives, technological components, decoration, support and complex preparations for the meat industry.
  • FAVORIT TECHNO, JSPC, Ukraine - equipment for confectionery and bakery production.
  • FEMIA, France - designes of equipment for factories to process vegetables and conservation and businesses by freezing vegetables equipment.
  • FOOD PLANT, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry, spare parts.
  • FOREST, LTD, Ukraine - production of food additives for the meat industry.
  • FORTEX LTD, Ukraine - hoses and fittings for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Frans Vemree GmbH, Germany - is a specialized supplier offering advanced packaging technologies for the Food and Non-Food Industry.
  • FSK brok SEYM®, LTD, Ukraine - Development, manufacture and sales of: nets for sausages - an imitation of hand-knitted, compatible with all types of shells, shells, textiles, cellulosic membranes in the spiral grid.
  • GAMMAGRAFIK, Scientific and production enterprise, LTD, Ukraine - development and manufacture of individual, background, wallpaper and other holograms.
  • GASER-EUROPA, LTD, Ukraine - production, sale and repair of equipment for meat, sausage shops, supermarkets.
  • GECONATEC GmbH, Germany - an engineering company acting as a general contractor for the design, delivery and construction of complex systems and entire plants for food processing and packaging.
  • GERMAN FEDERAL MINISTRY OF ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY, Germany - organizer of presentation of international exhibitions program Federatyvnoy Republic of Germany
  • Gres S.A., IP-O, Ukraine - equipment for confectionery, bakery and food products, frozen food, fish processing.
  • HAMMER FLEISCHEREI- UND GROßKÜCHENTECHNIK, Germany - dealer for butcher´s shop and large-scale catering establishments equipment and machinery.
  • Harchovyk, Newspaper, Ukraine - trade publication.
  • HOSOKAWA BEPEX GmbH, Germany - equipment for the production of confectionery.
  • http://www.foodset.ru/ -
  • HYDROSOL Produktionsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Germany - development of stabilizing systems for specific applications.
  • IFWEXPO HEIDELBERG GMBH, Germany - organization of international specialized exhibitions in the field of processing industry/
  • IGIS, LTD, Ukraine - sausage and sausage casing.
  • Imex-Agro, LTD, Ukraine - meat processing equipment.
  • IMPEXMASH, Trade Technical Center, PE, Ukraine - meat processing equipment.
  • Informbussines Ltd., Ukraine - publishing center.
  • INTA, SPE, LTD, Ukraine - production dispensers, semi-automatic and automatic machines for packaging products.
  • INTERMASH, LTD, Ukraine - packing equipment and technology.
  • INTERMIK - food technology, LTD, Ukraine - through slaughter and processing, equipment for packaging and hygiene, covering materials.
  • ITAK, LTD, Ukraine - flexible composite polymer materials.
  • ITALSERVICE-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - the sale and manufacture of equipment for food industry.
  • JOHN BEAN TECHNOLOGIES S.P.A., Italy - production processing systems: preparation and extraction of the product, evaporation and concentration, sterilization, aseptic filling.
  • KABO - Spezii, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for production of meat and sausages.
  • KARL SCHNELL GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - equipment for industrial processing of meat, sausage production and meat products.
  • KODA, Company, UA LTD, Ukraine - a full range of weighing equipmen.
  • KOMPO, Torhovyi Dim, LTD, Ukraine-equipment for meat industry.
  • KORINF, TD, Ukraine - supply and maintenance of confectionery, bakery, meat dumplings, packaging and refrigeration.
  • KROPOTKIN PLANT MiSSP, JSC, Russia - production of aromatic and semi-automatic bottle blowing.
  • Linde Gas Ukraine, OJSC, Ukraine - gases and gas technologies for the food industry.
  • LOGRUS PVT, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • MAKREV, LTD, Turkey - high-speed packaging machines for chocolate products of several styles of packaging.
  • MANULI UKRAINE LTD, Joint Ukrainian-Italian LLC, Ukraine - is implementing a comprehensive supply of equipment and materials for the final stages of packing.
  • MARCO PACK, AIA, Ukraine - publisher of "World of Packaging".
  • Master-Pack LTD, Ukraine - packing and packaging equipment, flexible packaging materials.
  • MATIMEX - UKRAINE, JSC, Ukraine - sales, installation, commissioning, guarantee and maintenance of equipment for meat industry.
  • MAUNTEX, Ukraine - supply of beef and pork belly.
  • MEAT SERVICE, Informational-advertising magazine, PE, Ukraine - Informational and advertising magazine.
  • MEATMARKET.info, Russia - Information and Business Portal.
  • MEGA-TEX, LTD, Ukraine-equipment for meat industry.
  • MilaM, Food machinery plant, Ukraine - manufacturer and supplier of equipment for meat defined as the branch.
  • Moguntia-Ukraina, CC, Ukraine - dietary supplements for meat industry.
  • Molochnoe Delo, magazine, Ukraine - specialized publishing.
  • MOST, LTD, China - electronic and scientific equipment.
  • MPS RED MEAT SLAUGHTERING B.V, The Netherlands - slaughtering lines for cattle, pigs and sheep, cutting and deboning lines, automatic warehouse logistics and order picking systems, industrial waste water treatment systems.
  • MPS VEGA, LTD, Ukraine - industrial flooring.
  • Myasnoe Delo, magazine, Ukraine - specialized branch Publishers.
  • NASHA Trade House, LTD, Ukraine - dietary supplements for meat and fish industry.
  • NEFTA-TECHNO, LTD, Russia - equipment for meat processing, packaging, packing, washing and sanitizing.
  • NESSE-Ukraine, Ukraine-ingredients and new technologies for food industry.
  • NHM LIMITED LTD, Ukraine - supplier of packing equipment for food and pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine and other countries of CIS.
  • OBORUD.INFO Equipment portal, LTD, Russia - portal of the food industry: trading, refrigerating, food, packing, warehouse and other equipment.
  • OMAG Srl., Ukraine - packing equipment for food and other industries.
  • OSMANLI MAKINA SAN. TIC. A.S., Turkey - food processing machines manufacture.
  • OZPO, Food equipment plant, Ukraine - equipment for bakeries, mini-bakeries and confectioneries.
  • PACOVIS AG, PLC, Switzerland - supplier of ingredients, condiments and additives for use in the food processing industry and offers complete services solutions in foodstuff sector.
  • PAKRA UKRAINA, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry.
  • PCM, France - displacement pumps and equipment for pumping viscous and abrasive liquids.
  • Peter Binder GmbH, Germany - packaging machines for the dairy and tea industry, machines for filling and sealing.
  • PETRUZALEK, LTD, Ukraine - packing equipment and materials for the food industry, machines for meat processing.
  • PISCHEMACH, Group of Companies, Ukraine - production and delivery of automatic and semiautomatic equipment for bottling in glass and PET bottles, spare parts for equipment imported and domestically produced, commissioning, warranty service.
  • PLATTENHARDT+WIRTH GmbH, Germany - planning and construction of fruit-and points of processing meat, etc.
  • POLTAVAMASH, JSC, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • POLYMER, LTD, Ukraine - packing materials.
  • PRO-CRUST, LTD, Ukraine - for the meat processing industry with raw materials.
  • PROFI MZ, LTD, Ukraine - production of detergents.
  • Proxima GmbH, Ukraine - spices and marinades for the production of sausages and meat products.
  • PSS SVIDNIK, a.s., Slovak Republic - manufacturing, installation, equipment for meat processing
  • Raps Ukraine GmbH, Ukraine - spices, ingredients, functional products for the food industry.
  • ROMILLENA LTD, Ukrainian-Czech firm, Ukraine / Czech Republic - sausage casings.
  • RUPAS-PACK, PE, Ukraine - equipment for mini-bakeries, confectionery.
  • SARTOKARAT, LTD, Ukraine - automation of technological processes and equipment for automation of quality control in production and in the laboratory.
  • SCHALLER LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK®, LTD, Ukraine - spices, functional additives, equipment for meat, poultry and fish-processing industry, machinery for cutting, packaging, weighing and labeling of products.
  • SCHROTER Technologie GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - equipment for food industry.
  • Sealed Air (Ukraine) Limited, Ukraine - packing equipment and materials for packing cheese, fresh and frozen meat, meat products, poultry, fish, seafood, ready meals and bakery products.
  • SELO B.V., The Netherlands - equipment for production of mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, etc.
  • SFERA, Publishing House, Ltd, Russia - b2b publication for the food industry.
  • SIGPACK Systems AG, Switzerland - shipping and packing systems.
  • SILENCE, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • Sistema LTD, Ukraine - industrial printers (non-contact printing products).
  • SISTEMA PROIZVODSTVO, LTD, Ukraine - production of equipment for the confectionery industry.
  • SMART CAPITAL, LTD, Ukraine - information-analytical journal "Food UA. Products of Ukraine".
  • Spiceshouse, LLC, Ukraine - spices, spice mixes, spices, decorations for the meat industry.
  • STEPHAN MACHINERY GMBH, Germany - production of high-technology equipment for the meat, dairy, confectionery, oil industry.
  • STERIFLOW, France - the production of horizontal autoclaves, inventor of the technology "water cascade".
  • SUEDPACK UKRAINE, Firm, LTD, Ukraine - films including thermoforming, bags for food packaging.
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland - equipment for food industry.
  • SYMPAK CORAZZA S.P.A., Ukraine - production of complete lines for filling and packaging of cheese, butter, bouillon cubes.
  • techinserv, SPE, LTD, Ukraine - production of equipment for meat processing.
  • TECHNOFOODSERVICE, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • TECHNOLOG, PC, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • TECHNOLOGIYA-BIZNES, LTD, Ukraine - production of packing and special technological equipment for food industry.
  • Technology Trade, LTD, Ukraine - ingredients for meat processing enterprises.
  • TECSA, LTD, Ukraine - the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for factories to produce edible oils and fats, laboratory equipment for the food and chemical industries.
  • TEEPACK Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - packaging machines for the production of double-chamber bags.
  • TEKHNOLOGIYA PLUS, TM, Ukraine - taste aromatic and functional additives, spices.
  • TEСHNOLOGY LV PLUS, LTD, Ukraine - selling the ingredients for sausage production and manufacture of semi-finished products.
  • TIKOS, PE, Ukraine - cutting tools, spare parts and technical equipment for meat processing enterprises.
  • TOMIG, LTD, Ukraine - producer of high beef collagen proteins.
  • TUBES INTERNATIONAL, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • UKRPRODMASHBUD, Ukraine - manufacturer of confectionery and bakery equipment.
  • ULMA Packaging Ukraine, Ltd, Ukraine - design and manufacture of various packaging machines.
  • UNIPACK.RU, Russia - the leading information and business portal of the packaging industry in RuNet.
  • UPACK.BY, Packaging portal, Belarusia - taroupakovochnyh Internet portal of Belarusia.
  • UPAKOVKA, JSC, Ukraine - magazine for producers and users of the market packaging.
  • VACUUM BARRIER SYSTEMS, Belgium - Production dosing of liquid nitrogen, complete cryogenic systems for many applications.
  • VEGA UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - production and sale of spices, ingredients, equipment for food industry.
  • VIM AGE COMPANY, Ukraine - production and design of rigid packaging wood.
  • VINCITORE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, Ukraine - packing materials for thermoforming machines.
  • VI-VA-LTD, Firm, Ukraine - production of non-standard equipment for the food and confectionery industry.
  • VTR, LLC, Ukraine - flavors, functional additives, flavoring compositions, membrane.
  • WIPAK Walsrode GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - film and packaging materials for food and other sectors.
  • WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - packaging technology in modified atmosphere.
  • www.WATERprom.ru,
  • YEDINA MEREZHA, PE, Ukraine - production and supply of prefabricated plate heat exchangers.
  • Zaltech GmbH International, Ukraine - producer of spice mixtures for the meat industry.



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