Statistics 2010



Total Trade Fair area 9180 sqm
Exposition area 5100 sqm
The number of registered visitors who filled  in theregistration card


Number of participants
- national
192 companies
138 companies
- foreign

54 companies (from Austria, Belarus, Belgium, China, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia,Switzerland, Tukey, USA)



Distribution of visitors according to regions: %
Kiev and Kiev Oblast 47
Central region 14
Eastern region
Western region 12
Southern region 10
Northern region 3
Foreign countries
Position of the visitors: %
Top directors 36
Specialist / Manager 21
Middle level personnel 32
Private entrepreneur 10
Others 1
Distribution of visitors according to the sectors of economy:  
Meat processing industry   32
Bakery and confectionery industry   21
Dairy industry   13
Fat-and-oil industry   5
Agriculture and poultry 6
Manufacture of beverages (alcoholic, alcohol-free, beer)  3
Other (fish, grocery, etc.) 12
Trade 6
Services 2



  • ADVICE, LTD, Ukraine - representative and distributor in Ukraine, the world's leading suppliers of ingredients and technologies for all branches of food industry
  • AGRO-3, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry.
  • AGROGEST-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - wholesale trade in equipment for the food industry.
  • AGROSMAK, LTD, Ukraine - providing meat processing plants materials.
  • AGROTEHNOLOGII, IC, LLC, Ukraine - distributor of the company FIBRAN (Spain) on the territory of Ukraine, which produces collagen sausage casings for all types of sausages.
  • AGRO-VEKTOR, LTD, Ukraine - supply of raw materials for production of sausages.
  • AISS GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - official representative of many European manufacturers of industrial equipment,
  • ALNAT, PE, Ukraine - production and upgrading of equipment for meat industry.
  • ALTEMA, LTD, Ukraine - stainless steel valves, expansion joints, steam traps, devices for measurement and control fluid, stainless steel hoses and pressure hoses.
  • AMMERAAL BELTECH UKRAINE, SERVICE CENTER, LTD, Ukraine - production of conveyor and processing belts.
  • ARIS Ltd., ISPE, Ukraine - a wide range of packaging barrier films and laminates.
  • ARKKOM, LLC, Ukraine - production and sale of wood and cardboard packaging for wine, brandy, confectionery, tea, cigars, jewelry, etc.
  • AROMAROS-M, PC, Ukraine - food ingredients.
  • ART PAK LTD, Firm, Ukraine - thermoforming lines, packaging systems.
  • ASSOCIATION OF THE GERMAN TRADE FAIR INDUSTY (AUMA E.V.), Germany - Committee on Exhibitions and Fairs of the German economy.
  • Atlantis-Pak Ukraine, BE, Ukraine - produces food packaging for meat and cheese industry.
  • BAADER GmbH+Co.KG, Germany - manufactures and supplies food processing machinery and installations
  • BANSS Germany GmbH, Germany - supplies the most modern slaughtering and meat processing systems as well as storage and cooling room transport systems for cattle, pigs and sheep.
  • BREZE, PE, Ukraine - production of labeling equipment.
  • BRUTTO, Magazine, Ukraine - a publication about the state of the food market of Ukraine and CIS.
  • BUSCH / Dr.-Ing.K.Busch GmbH, Germany - manufactures of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world.
  • Business-Dosye, Editorial staff, LTD, Ukraine-directories, business directories.
  • CASING GROUP, LTD, Ukraine - high-quality sausage casings.
  • CASING, Trade House, LTD, Ukraine - supply of sausage casings.
  • CFS Ukraine, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for the preparation of raw materials: meat grinders, mixers, cutters, emulsitatory, injectors, tumblers and tumblers.
  • CSB-System AG, Germany - is the industry-specific turnkey.
  • DEE INTRA, LTD, kraine - packaging technology in a vacuum and SCI, film.
  • DINNISSEN Deutschland GmbH, Germany - bulk materials and process technology.
  • Dorit-DFT Fleischereimaschinen GmbH, Germany - specialised on injectors and brine preparing systems as well as on vacuum tumblers, dry and cooked cured meat presses, stuffing and clipping equipment.
  • DP AIR GAS LTD, Ukraine - supply of food gas mixtures.
  • DRESDNER KUHLANLAGENBAU GmbH, Germany - Customized refrigeration and air conditioning solutions for industrial, commercial and agricultural refrigeration or air conditioning needs
  • DUCO-TECHNIK, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • E.D.S., LTD, Ukraine - thermoforming machines for the production of blister packs, aprons, disposable utensils, etc., as well as the production of hard polymer films.
  • ECI LIMITED (USA), Representation, Ukraine - the official and exclusive representative of leading manufacturers in the world in the food industry.
  • ELO PACK, LTD, Ukraine - development and production of a whole range of Packing - packaging equipment for a wide range of industries.
  • EMF Lebensmittltechnik-Anlagenbau GmbH, Germany - Planning and erection of industrial turn-key plants in the food-business
  • ESE, LTD, Ukraine - design, manufacture, supply, installation of refrigerators, freezers and air conditioning systems, freezers, coolers and liquids production of ice water, heat pumps, air-conditioning systems.
  • EUROSMAK, LTD, Ukraine - a wide range of functional additives, technological components, decoration, support and complex preparations for the meat industry.
  • FAVORIT TECHNO, JSPC, Ukraine - equipment for confectionery and bakery production.
  • FEMIA, France - designes of equipment for factories to process vegetables and conservation and businesses by freezing vegetables equipment.
  • FOOD PLANT, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry, spare parts.
  • FOREST, LTD, Ukraine - production of food additives for the meat industry.
  • FORTEX LTD, Ukraine - hoses and fittings for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Frans Vemree GmbH, Germany - is a specialized supplier offering advanced packaging technologies for the Food and Non-Food Industry.
  • FSK brok SEYM®, LTD, Ukraine - Development, manufacture and sales of: nets for sausages - an imitation of hand-knitted, compatible with all types of shells, shells, textiles, cellulosic membranes in the spiral grid.
  • GAMMAGRAFIK, Scientific and production enterprise, LTD, Ukraine - development and manufacture of individual, background, wallpaper and other holograms.
  • GASER-EUROPA, LTD, Ukraine - production, sale and repair of equipment for meat, sausage shops, supermarkets.
  • GECONATEC GmbH, Germany - an engineering company acting as a general contractor for the design, delivery and construction of complex systems and entire plants for food processing and packaging.
  • GERMAN FEDERAL MINISTRY OF ECONOMICS AND TECHNOLOGY, Germany - organizer of presentation of international exhibitions program Federatyvnoy Republic of Germany
  • Gres S.A., IP-O, Ukraine - equipment for confectionery, bakery and food products, frozen food, fish processing.
  • HAMMER FLEISCHEREI- UND GROßKÜCHENTECHNIK, Germany - dealer for butcher´s shop and large-scale catering establishments equipment and machinery.
  • Harchovyk, Newspaper, Ukraine - trade publication.
  • HOSOKAWA BEPEX GmbH, Germany - equipment for the production of confectionery.
  • -
  • HYDROSOL Produktionsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Germany - development of stabilizing systems for specific applications.
  • IFWEXPO HEIDELBERG GMBH, Germany - organization of international specialized exhibitions in the field of processing industry/
  • IGIS, LTD, Ukraine - sausage and sausage casing.
  • Imex-Agro, LTD, Ukraine - meat processing equipment.
  • IMPEXMASH, Trade Technical Center, PE, Ukraine - meat processing equipment.
  • Informbussines Ltd., Ukraine - publishing center.
  • INTA, SPE, LTD, Ukraine - production dispensers, semi-automatic and automatic machines for packaging products.
  • INTERMASH, LTD, Ukraine - packing equipment and technology.
  • INTERMIK - food technology, LTD, Ukraine - through slaughter and processing, equipment for packaging and hygiene, covering materials.
  • ITAK, LTD, Ukraine - flexible composite polymer materials.
  • ITALSERVICE-UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - the sale and manufacture of equipment for food industry.
  • JOHN BEAN TECHNOLOGIES S.P.A., Italy - production processing systems: preparation and extraction of the product, evaporation and concentration, sterilization, aseptic filling.
  • KABO - Spezii, LLC, Ukraine - equipment for production of meat and sausages.
  • KARL SCHNELL GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - equipment for industrial processing of meat, sausage production and meat products.
  • KODA, Company, UA LTD, Ukraine - a full range of weighing equipmen.
  • KOMPO, Torhovyi Dim, LTD, Ukraine-equipment for meat industry.
  • KORINF, TD, Ukraine - supply and maintenance of confectionery, bakery, meat dumplings, packaging and refrigeration.
  • KROPOTKIN PLANT MiSSP, JSC, Russia - production of aromatic and semi-automatic bottle blowing.
  • Linde Gas Ukraine, OJSC, Ukraine - gases and gas technologies for the food industry.
  • LOGRUS PVT, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • MAKREV, LTD, Turkey - high-speed packaging machines for chocolate products of several styles of packaging.
  • MANULI UKRAINE LTD, Joint Ukrainian-Italian LLC, Ukraine - is implementing a comprehensive supply of equipment and materials for the final stages of packing.
  • MARCO PACK, AIA, Ukraine - publisher of "World of Packaging".
  • Master-Pack LTD, Ukraine - packing and packaging equipment, flexible packaging materials.
  • MATIMEX - UKRAINE, JSC, Ukraine - sales, installation, commissioning, guarantee and maintenance of equipment for meat industry.
  • MAUNTEX, Ukraine - supply of beef and pork belly.
  • MEAT SERVICE, Informational-advertising magazine, PE, Ukraine - Informational and advertising magazine.
  •, Russia - Information and Business Portal.
  • MEGA-TEX, LTD, Ukraine-equipment for meat industry.
  • MilaM, Food machinery plant, Ukraine - manufacturer and supplier of equipment for meat defined as the branch.
  • Moguntia-Ukraina, CC, Ukraine - dietary supplements for meat industry.
  • Molochnoe Delo, magazine, Ukraine - specialized publishing.
  • MOST, LTD, China - electronic and scientific equipment.
  • MPS RED MEAT SLAUGHTERING B.V, The Netherlands - slaughtering lines for cattle, pigs and sheep, cutting and deboning lines, automatic warehouse logistics and order picking systems, industrial waste water treatment systems.
  • MPS VEGA, LTD, Ukraine - industrial flooring.
  • Myasnoe Delo, magazine, Ukraine - specialized branch Publishers.
  • NASHA Trade House, LTD, Ukraine - dietary supplements for meat and fish industry.
  • NEFTA-TECHNO, LTD, Russia - equipment for meat processing, packaging, packing, washing and sanitizing.
  • NESSE-Ukraine, Ukraine-ingredients and new technologies for food industry.
  • NHM LIMITED LTD, Ukraine - supplier of packing equipment for food and pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine and other countries of CIS.
  • OBORUD.INFO Equipment portal, LTD, Russia - portal of the food industry: trading, refrigerating, food, packing, warehouse and other equipment.
  • OMAG Srl., Ukraine - packing equipment for food and other industries.
  • OSMANLI MAKINA SAN. TIC. A.S., Turkey - food processing machines manufacture.
  • OZPO, Food equipment plant, Ukraine - equipment for bakeries, mini-bakeries and confectioneries.
  • PACOVIS AG, PLC, Switzerland - supplier of ingredients, condiments and additives for use in the food processing industry and offers complete services solutions in foodstuff sector.
  • PAKRA UKRAINA, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for meat industry.
  • PCM, France - displacement pumps and equipment for pumping viscous and abrasive liquids.
  • Peter Binder GmbH, Germany - packaging machines for the dairy and tea industry, machines for filling and sealing.
  • PETRUZALEK, LTD, Ukraine - packing equipment and materials for the food industry, machines for meat processing.
  • PISCHEMACH, Group of Companies, Ukraine - production and delivery of automatic and semiautomatic equipment for bottling in glass and PET bottles, spare parts for equipment imported and domestically produced, commissioning, warranty service.
  • PLATTENHARDT+WIRTH GmbH, Germany - planning and construction of fruit-and points of processing meat, etc.
  • POLTAVAMASH, JSC, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • POLYMER, LTD, Ukraine - packing materials.
  • PRO-CRUST, LTD, Ukraine - for the meat processing industry with raw materials.
  • PROFI MZ, LTD, Ukraine - production of detergents.
  • Proxima GmbH, Ukraine - spices and marinades for the production of sausages and meat products.
  • PSS SVIDNIK, a.s., Slovak Republic - manufacturing, installation, equipment for meat processing
  • Raps Ukraine GmbH, Ukraine - spices, ingredients, functional products for the food industry.
  • ROMILLENA LTD, Ukrainian-Czech firm, Ukraine / Czech Republic - sausage casings.
  • RUPAS-PACK, PE, Ukraine - equipment for mini-bakeries, confectionery.
  • SARTOKARAT, LTD, Ukraine - automation of technological processes and equipment for automation of quality control in production and in the laboratory.
  • SCHALLER LEBENSMITTELTECHNIK®, LTD, Ukraine - spices, functional additives, equipment for meat, poultry and fish-processing industry, machinery for cutting, packaging, weighing and labeling of products.
  • SCHROTER Technologie GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - equipment for food industry.
  • Sealed Air (Ukraine) Limited, Ukraine - packing equipment and materials for packing cheese, fresh and frozen meat, meat products, poultry, fish, seafood, ready meals and bakery products.
  • SELO B.V., The Netherlands - equipment for production of mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, etc.
  • SFERA, Publishing House, Ltd, Russia - b2b publication for the food industry.
  • SIGPACK Systems AG, Switzerland - shipping and packing systems.
  • SILENCE, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • Sistema LTD, Ukraine - industrial printers (non-contact printing products).
  • SISTEMA PROIZVODSTVO, LTD, Ukraine - production of equipment for the confectionery industry.
  • SMART CAPITAL, LTD, Ukraine - information-analytical journal "Food UA. Products of Ukraine".
  • Spiceshouse, LLC, Ukraine - spices, spice mixes, spices, decorations for the meat industry.
  • STEPHAN MACHINERY GMBH, Germany - production of high-technology equipment for the meat, dairy, confectionery, oil industry.
  • STERIFLOW, France - the production of horizontal autoclaves, inventor of the technology "water cascade".
  • SUEDPACK UKRAINE, Firm, LTD, Ukraine - films including thermoforming, bags for food packaging.
  • SVENTA AG, Switzerland - equipment for food industry.
  • SYMPAK CORAZZA S.P.A., Ukraine - production of complete lines for filling and packaging of cheese, butter, bouillon cubes.
  • techinserv, SPE, LTD, Ukraine - production of equipment for meat processing.
  • TECHNOFOODSERVICE, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • TECHNOLOG, PC, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • TECHNOLOGIYA-BIZNES, LTD, Ukraine - production of packing and special technological equipment for food industry.
  • Technology Trade, LTD, Ukraine - ingredients for meat processing enterprises.
  • TECSA, LTD, Ukraine - the design, manufacture and installation of equipment for factories to produce edible oils and fats, laboratory equipment for the food and chemical industries.
  • TEEPACK Spezialmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - packaging machines for the production of double-chamber bags.
  • TEKHNOLOGIYA PLUS, TM, Ukraine - taste aromatic and functional additives, spices.
  • TEСHNOLOGY LV PLUS, LTD, Ukraine - selling the ingredients for sausage production and manufacture of semi-finished products.
  • TIKOS, PE, Ukraine - cutting tools, spare parts and technical equipment for meat processing enterprises.
  • TOMIG, LTD, Ukraine - producer of high beef collagen proteins.
  • TUBES INTERNATIONAL, LTD, Ukraine - equipment for food industry.
  • UKRPRODMASHBUD, Ukraine - manufacturer of confectionery and bakery equipment.
  • ULMA Packaging Ukraine, Ltd, Ukraine - design and manufacture of various packaging machines.
  • UNIPACK.RU, Russia - the leading information and business portal of the packaging industry in RuNet.
  • UPACK.BY, Packaging portal, Belarusia - taroupakovochnyh Internet portal of Belarusia.
  • UPAKOVKA, JSC, Ukraine - magazine for producers and users of the market packaging.
  • VACUUM BARRIER SYSTEMS, Belgium - Production dosing of liquid nitrogen, complete cryogenic systems for many applications.
  • VEGA UKRAINE, LTD, Ukraine - production and sale of spices, ingredients, equipment for food industry.
  • VIM AGE COMPANY, Ukraine - production and design of rigid packaging wood.
  • VINCITORE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS, Ukraine - packing materials for thermoforming machines.
  • VI-VA-LTD, Firm, Ukraine - production of non-standard equipment for the food and confectionery industry.
  • VTR, LLC, Ukraine - flavors, functional additives, flavoring compositions, membrane.
  • WIPAK Walsrode GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - film and packaging materials for food and other sectors.
  • WITT-Gasetechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - packaging technology in modified atmosphere.
  • YEDINA MEREZHA, PE, Ukraine - production and supply of prefabricated plate heat exchangers.
  • Zaltech GmbH International, Ukraine - producer of spice mixtures for the meat industry.



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