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4459 sq.m

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2391 sq.m

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34 companies (from Austria, Czech Republic,  Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine)



Distribution of visitors according to regions:


Kiev and Kiev region




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List of exhibitors


  • AM2C, France - equipment for meat industry 
  • AGROTECHNOLOGII, Innovation Center, Ukraine - collagen casings
  • AQUA CLEAN, Ukraine - sanitary system for the food industry 
  • AYVAZ UKRAINE, Ukraine - expansion joints, team traps, level controllers, flexible metal hoses, valves and strainers, steam separators, etc. 
  • APPEC GROUP, Czech Republic - development, production, commerce and service of packaging machinery
  • ARTEL PACK, Production Company, Ukraine - production and sale of packaging, development and implementation of individual packaging
  • A-SEPT, Ukraine - manufacture of antibacterial agents and detergents
  • ATHA MAKINA METAL ÜRÜNLERI PAZ., Turkey - manufacturer of vertical and horizontal packaging machines, linear weighers, food processing machines, etc.
  • AVENTIN, Ukraine - production of flexible packaging materials and packages
  • BAZISPACK, Ukraine - manufacture of polymer packaging
  • BELKOZIN  Pryluky Plant, Ukraine - production of artificial collagen casings for sausages, frankfurters and other meat processing products  
  • BLOOMYUkraine - production of a wide range of detergents
  • BRUTTO, Magazine, Ukraine - publication about the state of the Ukrainian food market
  • BUSINESS-DOSYE, Editorial staff, Ukraine - catalogues, business directories
  • CAGRI IND. INC., Turkey - manufacture of modular belts, plastic chains and conveyor components
  • CONCEPT ENGINEERS, The Netherlands - design and production of innovative tailor-made optical sorting solutions
  • DALGAKIRAN COMPRESSOR UKRAINE, Ukraine - compressor equipment, diesel power stations, systems for industrial cooling, dryers and air filters, etc.
  • DESIGN-PRINT UKRAINE Publishing House, Ukraine - printing services, creation of design and structural element
  • DOMINANTA, Ukraine - representative of various world leading equipment manufacturers
  • DRINKS. TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATIONS Magazine, Ukraine - specialized scientific-analytical publication
  • DUBNOTECH, Ukraine - manufacture and repair of technological equipment, installation and commissioning works
  • DUKA PRODUCTION LTD, The Netherlands - molecules for water purification and disinfection
  • EAST NETHERLANDS DEVELOPMENT AGENCY (OOST NV), The Netherlands - company providing assistance in entering the European Market
  • ECO RESOURCE UKRAINE, Ukraine - production of natural colors and flavors for different food industry segments
  • EFFYTEC, Spain - manufacture of horizontal packaging machines
  • ELO PACK, Ukraine - development and production of a whole range of packaging equipment
  • EOS PROFI, Ukraine - consumables for contact coding
  • EVROSMAZKI, Ukraine - distribution of oils, greases, and technical specialty fluids
  • FAVOR, Ukraine - metal packaging production, provision of complete packaging solutions
  • FOOD PACK SERVICE, Ukraine - supplier of professional packing equipment, equipment and expendable materials for food industry, food processing enterprises and restaurant business
  • FOOD PLANT, Ukraine - import of equipment and components for the meat processing industry
  • FORTEX-UKRAINE VIK, Ukraine - equipment for food industry 
  • FREGAT,Ukraine - wheel producer and the official distributor of the company TORWEGGE GmbH&Co (Germany) in Ukraine
  • GAMMAGRAFIK,Ukraine - development and production of holograms, security labels, etc.
  • GENERAL PLASTICS, Italy - manufacture of ties and bag closures
  • GETRIEBEBAU NORD GMBH, Representative office in Ukraine - manufacturer of drive technology and integrated drive solutions
  • GRAND CASINGUkraine - supply of natural and artificial sausage casings and edible sausage casings
  • GRIMCO TRADE HOLLAND,The Netherlands -representative and agent of Dutch companies in Ukraine
  • HARCHOVYK Newspaper, Ukraine - branch edition
  • HENNEKEN, Germany - producer of food processing equipment 
  • HENRICH, Ukraine - supply of  CIJ, thermal transfer and laser marking systems including equipment for printing and applying labels
  • HIMTEK PLUS, Ukraine - production of professional technical detergents for food industry
  • HOS BV, The Netherlands - secondhand refrigeration machines
  • IMPEXMASH,Ukraine - production of equipment for bakery and confectionery industry
  • INOX TIME, Ukraine - manufacture of stainless steel technological equipment and accessories for the food industry
  • INTA, Ukraine - dispensers, semi-automatic and automatic packaging machines
  • INTERMASH, Ukraine - packing equipment and technologies
  • ITAK, Ukraine - production of flexible polymer composite materials
  • JASA, The Netherlands - production of packaging machines
  • KYRPAN A.G., Ukraine development and production of equipment for seaming tin cans
  • KIREMKO, The Netherlands - development, manufacture and installation of machinery for the automatic and semi-automatic processing of potatoes and vegetables
  • LINCO FOOD SYSTEM A/S, Denmark - manufacture of equipment for poultry plants and poultry processing industry 
  • LEKKERKERKER DAIRY & FOOD EQUIPMENT, The Netherlands - reconditioning of used dairy machines
  • LENSSEN TRADING COMPANY, The Netherlands - used machinery and equipment for the food, beverage, canning, pharmaceutical, chemical and packaging industry
  • LENSSEN VUL- EN SLUITTECHNIEK,The Netherlands - new twist-off machines and rebuilding of used equipment for the food, beverage and canning industry
  • MANULI UKRAINE LTD, Ukraine - packaging equipment and materials for the final stages of packaging
  • MARCO PACK,Ukraine - publisher of "World of Packaging" and "World of Food" magazines
  • MATIMEX-UKRAINE, Ukraine - sale, installation, commissioning, maintenance of meat industry equipment
  • MEAT BUSINESS, Ukraine - international scientific and practical magazine for meat industry experts
  • MEAT TECH, PE, Ukraine - equipment for meat processing industry
  • MEDIAJET, Ukraine - manufacture of flexible packaging, aluminum lids with a seal, self-adhesive labels
  • MEGA-TEX,Ukraine - equipment for meat industry
  • MOESCHLE POLSKA SP. Z O.O., Poland - supply of stainless steel tanks and containers
  • MPS MEAT PROCESSING SYSTEMS,The Netherlands - slaughter lines, CO2 stunning systems, splitting machines, cutting and deboning lines for the food industry<
  • MULTIVAC UKRAINE, Ukraine- production of packaging equipment
  • NASHA Trade House, Ukraine- dietary supplements for meat and fish industry
  • NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF FOOD TECHNOLOGIES, Ukraine - educational institution
  • OMAG Srl., Ukraine/ Italy - packaging equipment for food and other industries
  • OPAKOMET S.A., Poland - production of packaging made of synthetic and plastic materials 
  • ORGANIC FEDERATION OF UKRAINE, Ukraine - organization promoting the global organic movement
  • PACKAGING TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine - solutions development and production of filling, packaging and process equipment
  • PLASTICS-UKRAINE,Ukraine - distributor of European packaging materials
  • PRODIMPEX, Ukraine - sale of raw products and ingredients for confectionaries and bread factories in B2B segment
  • PRODMASH TEHSERVISE,Ukraine - production of technological equipment for the food industry
  • PRODUCTS & INGREDIENTS, Ukraine - specialized branch edition
  • R.P.S. LTD, Ukraine- equipment for mini bakeries, confectionary and bakery factories
  • RBK FOOD PROJECTS, The Netherlands - engineering, IT and consulting company specialized in fresh food industries
  • REFOT, Ukraine - production of confectionery pastes and filling agents
  • SABONA, Ukraine - manufacturer of cardboard and paper packaging
  • SELO B.V., The Netherlands - equipment for the production of mayonnaise, sauces, ketchup, etc.
  • SIGROW, The Netherlands - production of modular sensors and control systems to simplify modern agriculture
  • SISTEMA LTD, Ukraine- industrial printers
  • SITIBIZ, Ukraine - manufacture and sale of professional detergents, disinfectants and liquid soap
  • SKYLINE SOFTWARE, Ukraine- development, distribution and support of "1C:Enterprise" platform-based solutions
  • SMART CAPITAL, Ukraine - publisher of "FOOD UA. Products of Ukraine" and "FOOD Technologies & Equipment" magazines
  • SORMAC,The Netherlands - development and production of machines for the vegetable processing industry
  • SP LTD, Ukraine - manufacture of a wide range of plastic products
  • SPETZTEKHOSNASTKA, Ukraine - production of plastic packaging for food and non-food industry
  • STANDART-PACK, Ukraine - packaging materials and boxes
  • STEINER UKRAINE, Ukraine- engineering and consulting in the field of food production, pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • STERIFLOW,France - production of horizontal autoclaves, inventor of the "water cascade" technology
  • SVENTA AG,Switzerland - equipment for food industry
  • TECHNOLOG,Ukraine - equipment for food industry
  • TOLSMA GRISNICH GROUP,The Netherlands - solutions from storage till processing of all vegetables
  • TUBES INTERNATIONAL, Ukraine - sale of specialized hoses and couplings, fittings, clips and other accessories for all branches of industry
  • UKRKHLIBPROM, Ukraine - Association of Bread Baking Industry Enterprises
  • UKRKONDITER, Ukraine - Association of Producers of confectionery, food concentrates, farina,syrup and coffee in Ukraine
  • UKRMOLPROM, Ukraine - National Association of Milk Producers of Ukraine
  • UKRMYASO, Ukraine - National Association of meat and meat product makers
  • UNIFREEZING BV,The Netherlands - cooling and freezing systems
  • UPAKOVKA, Ukraine - magazine for producers and consumers of the packaging market
  • VACUUM BARRIER SYSTEMS,Belgium - production of liquid nitrogen dozers, cryogenic systems
  • VACUUM TECHNOLOGY, Ukraine- vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors
  • VP SKHID-SERVIS, Ukraine -cellular cardboard, goods made of cellular cardboard
  • YASIONA, Ukraine - manufacture of textile sausage casings
  • YUKON UTC, Ukraine - industrial printers, labeling and coding systems, etc.
  • ZACMI,Italy - machines and complete plants for the food industry
  • ZIKO, Ukraine - equipment for water purification and water supply
  • ZPO OPAKOMET LOWICZ SP., Poland - manufacture of aluminum tubes
  • ZRFEA, Ukraine - import of various products for food industry



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